Krav Maga Street Defence, Real Techniques for the Real World

Krav Maga Street Defence, Real Techniques for the Real World. More info about Krav Maga Street Defence can be found here:

20 thoughts on “Krav Maga Street Defence, Real Techniques for the Real World

  1. The Whale says:

    I missed my Krav class today and after watching this, I can tell you I'm feeling guilty! These guys have had years of training – it shows. The scanning for other attackers is something they teach you right from the beginners level. They'll knock points off your grading if you don't scan.

  2. David Bamford says:

    Krav Maga is avoiding a fight if possible but if you can't avoid then attack with maximum aggression to end the confrontation. Attend Krav classes & you will get this confidence to end a fight before it's started in most cases. Hard work & brutal but that's life these days!

  3. Bea Tricia says:

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  4. NorthWriter says:

    I stood up to a bully that was harassing women on the train this week, and while he was all talk and never tried to physically harm me, it occurred to me that the next time it might not be so easy. So I'm trying to figure out the most effective martial art to learn that is truly practical, and this seems really hard to beat. I'm a vet, so I used to know how to fight, but it's not a skill I've kept up in the decade-plus since I got out of the military.

    All that to say, all signs so far seem to be pointing to Krav Maga. As I watch these, I'm realizing that the defender almost always deflects/redirects the attack, disarms the attacker if applicable, and gets clear. I like that, and it seems like it would work well in a closed space like a train or something like that (as opposed to something like aikido, which also interests me, but seems like you need a lot more space to work with). This really seems like the perfect martial art for what I'm trying to cover.

  5. Bad Goy says:

    the problem with this stuff is that the entire point is to fuck up your opponent, so there's really no way to have a friendly sparring battle like with boxing. So we never see it used in the way it's supposed to. Makes it hard to tell how effective it would be in a real situation

  6. iain stewart says:

    So it's basically just kickboxing with groin strikes, a few weapon disarms, few ground escapes. All the things you can learn in any other martial art. Nah I'm a total skeptic. Done JKD for few years that's just as good.

  7. Pandemonium says:

    only thing that bothers me is how they throw their hands to get the gun away and then they move their heads, no you move your head kinda off like when you slip a jab at the same time you're throwing your other hand to control the gun, much more efficent in my opinion ?

  8. Pan Gao says:

    It does seem to look like what they trained on most movie action scenes. Pretty lethal, i however would personally prefer something that will not be too obvious that i know how to fight incase it happens in public. These guys move like ninjas

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