Krav Maga Self-Defense Techniques: Palm Strike, Ear Slap, Headbutt Attack

In this video, the Jarhead Dude shows you how to execute the palm strike, ear slap, and headbutt attack so fast that your opponent …

46 thoughts on “Krav Maga Self-Defense Techniques: Palm Strike, Ear Slap, Headbutt Attack

  1. New Revelation says:

    Dude, take that damn pantyhose off your head! I told you, you look ridiculous. A 13 year old house robber looks more menacing than you. Hell, a Islam woman covering her head is more scary than you'll ever be, cause you're not sure if she's walking past you fast cause she has to get to a bathroom or if she's gonna blow something up.

  2. Goblin Shuffle says:

    there's no way you can deescalate a pink armless douchebag. the dummy came prepared with his shirt off. if hes topless that means hes ready to throw down. fuck that fleshy fucker up. why is he even in your house? Slap his ear off!

  3. Matt Williams says:

    Absolutely awesome video. I am a complete believer in palm strikes. To the ear, to the nose. You can take the fight out of a guy and walk away unharmed if you are quick and effective with this. The beginning of your video is so important too. You always try and deescalate while protecting yourself. If you can stop a fight from happening then always do it.

  4. corey cavins says:

    Great lessons where are the schools at? The fact that they think the arts do not work is because a lot of the karate school are outdated and do not deal with a more modern society a world that is more violent. most karate schools are for kids.

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