Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques – Gun and Knife attack – Krav Maga

Caliber3 Group is trainining security guards in Krav-Maga. Note the combination of real scenario and Krav-Maga combat. Contact: IDF …

17 thoughts on “Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques – Gun and Knife attack – Krav Maga

  1. Max Loh says:

    Don't base your assumptions on personal opinion and imagination.

    Watch CCTV security footage of REAL knife and baseball bat attacks in real life. You will see that the knife psychopaths range from semi-cunning to extremely retarded. These techniques are successful against the most statistically probable attacker: The clueless, raging and untrained assailant. Crimes of passion.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    Most people that attack with a knife are likely to be a drug addict with no combat training. Most people have never stabbed anyone or trained to stab any1, they attack in a repetitive frenzy in about 2 different motions. If someone attacks you with a knife (and I have been) you are likely to get cut. But you can avoid being stabbed in vital areas, and do enough damage to disarm someone. Obviously you should do all you can to avoid being in that situation, but some knowledge is better than none

  3. Jack Johnston Bob says:

    to elaborate, the guy who got out the gun walked towards the victim who was initially at point blank. obviously this is ideal for 1-1 combat, so the attacker already have distance+weapon superiority but gave it up? if this was a mugging, the attacker should tell the victim to leave his wallet/ jewelery/whatever on the ground and walk away or to at least go in a submissive stance, not to go up and get your gun taken… someone this stupid shouldn't be able to afford a gun

  4. KravMagaThailand says:

    Excellent to see Krav Maga being used in a reality fighting way. This is very good krav maga. I hear excellent things about Calibre3 and I have attended israeli shooting training seminars here in Thailand from someone involved with Calibre3 and you train with the best of the best SF guys from the IDF. Excellent. Gerry Krav Maga Thailand

  5. Scott Sterling says:

    Great fucking Krav Training and sparring. I sure do wish i knew more people to train with like that. But he should of been careful on the second stick defense though. could of lost an arm.

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