Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Edge Weapons Techniques for Krav Maga

In this free video clip learn how to properly use and defend against edge weapons according to Krav Maga teachings for self defense training. Expert: Steve …

35 thoughts on “Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Edge Weapons Techniques for Krav Maga

  1. Joshua Carpenter says:

    5 second Google research that used Yahoo answers?
    First of all, I didn't know that 30 meter dashes were scored in arrows because I could have sworn that that is Archery…
    Secondly, I've looked up the 50 and 70 meter dashes, and for all I can see, they're only scored by time, not points. Men have the fastest time in everything.
    But if this is scored like how the heptathlon is scored, then women have a lower benchmark than men do, which means men have to do a lot better just to get equal points.

  2. HellfireExecutioner says:

    lets compare the world records of men and women in different distances.

    30 Meters (men) – 360/17 arrows – Kye, Dong-hyun (Korea)
    30 Meters (women) – 360/15 arrows – Yun, Min-jun (Korea)

    50 meters (men) – 351 points – Kim, Kyung-ho (Korea)
    50 meters (women) – 350 points – Park, Sung-hyu (Korea)

    70 meters (men) – 349 pts – Kim, Jae-Hyung (Korea)
    70 meters (women) – 351 pts – Park, Sung-hyun (Korea)

    5 second google research. This is just Korea, but the statistics here say women are strong.

  3. HellfireExecutioner says:

    Strong guys are just as strong as strong girls. Statistically speaking, woman are not as strong as guys because a woman strives to be skinny, while the man strives to be muscular and strong. But if a woman works just as hard as a man does to be strong, she will be just as strong.

  4. Joshua Carpenter says:

    But if a strong guy hit you in the right spot at the right time, he'd probably knock you further into the air. There's a reason that men hold records for almost all athletic competitions. Men have more testosterone, and are thus, for the most part, naturally stronger than women. Not to say that there aren't exceptions.

  5. HellfireExecutioner says:

    Well they show buff guys cause they are the instructors who have been physically active for years getting the techniques down and punching bags. Girls are just as strong, if you keep at it just as much as a guy does, you will be just as fit and strong as them. Girls are just as strong as men.

  6. daringwrinchester says:

    most of the times techniques and experience is much stronger than brute force. You just have to get the technique right, strike during the right time, especially if you are less buffed than the attacker. but remember, the first thing you should always do is give the attacker what he/she wants (in the case of robbery). but in the case when they dont walk away, then you have nothing to lose except your life. so fight for it.

  7. Jay Tee says:

    I agree with you. I have taught and assisted in several self-defense courses and at first, the course was made up of almost entirely females. So I began learning and studying self-defense as a smaller person. Years ago, I was a 4-time boxing champ from light welterweight to middleweight, so I am not the "poster boy" (250lb muscle-head) you expect to instruct a self-defense class. But I think that helped me to understand peoples' POV, like yours, on the subject. Plus…see next comment please…

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