Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Carjacking Defense Moves with Krav Maga

In this free video clip, learn how to defend yourself in a carjacking situation using Krav Maga techniques and disciplines for self-defense. Expert: Steve Jimenez …

41 thoughts on “Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Carjacking Defense Moves with Krav Maga

  1. John Doe says:

    Grabbing the “barrel” is fine since you’re not actually grabbing the barrel…it’s inside the gun. The attacker will probably fire but will only get one shot since the weapon should be unable to go out of/return to battery and chamber the next round. About the ripping of the fingers…I literally witnessed a guy hold his thumb on the back of a Glock 19 and fire a round. The slide never moved and he was just fine. The “Glock Assassination” technique I guess is what people call it. I can’t speak to any other firearm but I’m willing to bet your death grip will stop a slide from going out of battery. Now, if this all happens with a revolver, you’ll have to take a slightly different approach to grappling I’d guess.

  2. Marshall Thomas says:

    If the gun should fire while you are holding it, don't let it fucking go! It may hurt but you will interfere with the slide, causing a malfunction which changes it from a projectile throwing weapon to a hammer.

  3. TacoHorse says:

    Couldn't you just stab him in the neck with a pencil or pen  (if you have one) or palm strike them in the throat when you have the gun pushed away from you?  I mean you may not be able to peel out because of traffic.

  4. solace angler says:

    Just remember though, during a stressful event as such, always stay calm as best you can and don't hit the gas pedal to the metal unless your vehicle is a high class sports car engineered to do so, otherwise your vehicle will delay to accelerate thus giving the criminal more time to deal with the conflict.

  5. Dave Connell says:

    Seems to me that all the negative comments on here are missing the point. This is simply a defence against a particular circumstance and it only works in this circumstance. If you want to know what to do in other situations or any of the other possible scenario combinations then join the CIA or Mossad or something or better still take the classes!!

  6. DJ Stephens says:

    This defense is good until you pull off. With his finger in the trigger and his hand around the gun Handel he his more control. The gun will slip right from your hand. If you ever have to do this technique you better duck afterwards because he' might shot

  7. Boss Bunny says:

    You fucking retard! That's just like saying, I'd like to see you blow up an entire bus, drive away in a high speed chase and disarm the entire swat team police force who are trying to get you out your car.

    This video wasn't titled "how to disarm a group of people with assult rifles" you fucking imbecile. I HOPE you get carjacked now and live, then you can be like, "wait, what was I supposed to do again"? "Escuse me sir, can I just check something on my phone real quick" you piece of shit!

  8. fretbuzzz says:

    This dumbass should come to south africa, where REAL carjackings are made by pro criminals everyday! Only an amature thug hijacs a car on his own you dumbass! i'd like to see you pull these cool moves while two other guys are aiming AK47s at you where you cant touch them.

  9. Gregory Liggens says:

    who robs a vehicle of they themselves can't drive away? can you imagine someone jacking a car and getting the victim out of the car then sitting in traffic (which everyone would be a witness to the crime) waiting for the light to change and traffic to clear. common sense people, but the passenger side attack and other scenarios are valid critics.

  10. magicmike97m says:

    There is one thing I dont get.The moment when I redirect the weapon and pull it down the opponent will probably fire it.Assuming it fired,wouldn't the heat of the barrel burn my hand thus preventing me from taking it ??

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