KRAV MAGA Pelvis and Groin Shots -Direction of Impact



Boaz Aviram is one of the only Krav Maga experts who were there at the very beginning, and holds the secrets of this most effective Hand-to-Hand fighting …

2 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA Pelvis and Groin Shots -Direction of Impact

  1. TopExpert10 says:

    When you think about self defense training system, sure it can be used as a tool for awareness and quick fix to a potential victim using the natural instincts of survivals coupled with logic. That natural instinct to live and realization of what can cause one injury or another is partly innate and partly taught.
    The mindset of an attacker is not the mindset of a fighting sports athlete, although if he had the training in one of the competitive fighting sports, he would have a quicker reaction to changes in the unfolding scenarios.
    In a modern world people are reluctant to get daily Spartan training, and the whole idea about self defense is to be used to protect physically weaker individuals…
    However, as much as the lesser priority and interest in fighting sports, and more of self defense, but at the same time maintaining a balanced career and family life, keep in mind that just fitness or just fighting sports are not going to cut it.
    At the same time keep in mind that dry techniques are a small part of the training in any case. You need to practice to apply them or similar motions and tactics to resolve unfolding scenarios. You basically need to create few scenarios where to test your confidence and skills.
    If your time is limited, these scenarios and their complexities must we chosen very carefully to provide maximum learning and coverage of all the material learned which is the essence of self defense. Same as in boxing, just learning how to punch and having few bag drills is not going to make you a boxer.
    Learning few releases from holds, chokes, or few strikes and natural blocks, might enhance your reflexes, but will not make you self-defense proof. You need to learn to see and feel the whole picture.
    So even if your training course is short and amounts to few weeks or training or few seminars, you need to consider drills that force you to utilize the principles you are using in your techniques and not the techniques you learned. The principles are efficiency throughout by paying attention to the sequences of chain of defense.

  2. TopExpert10 says:

    When you are out of the hotzone you can keep your arms down. When you are in the hotzone, even if your arms are up they can never protect all your body parts and any hit to any good enough pressure point(depending if your fist is gloved or not)will cause enough distraction to get to a better pressure point.
    Therefore even if you get punched in the chin and it is tucked, it will cause enough distraction with opportunity to the opponent to keep hitting you. When you are already in the hotzone you do not have enough time to block a hit to your open areas and if you wrap your arms around altogether you lose your peripheral vision but still open to attacks in all other area which will distract you enough to drop your arms and get hit in the head and neck as well. So what is the lessons needed to be learned?
    Everything can be determined few split seconds before you enter the hotzone and you are lifting your arms incidentally en route using them for attack or defense – before you enter the hotzone! Of course if the strikes are not powerful enough and your tactics suck, then opponents could recuperate and it would have been good if you tucked your chin and you can exchange blows until one of you falls and bla bla blah…

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