Krav Maga Knife Threat at Close Range Self-Protection Tutorial

Dealing with a close range knife threat in Krav Maga as instructed by Bartosz Szczepanski, Top Polish Coach, Krav Maga Instructor, and lead for Glasgow …

13 thoughts on “Krav Maga Knife Threat at Close Range Self-Protection Tutorial

  1. dfpguitar says:

    I'm very disappointed to see this nonsense knife defense on an otherwise excellent channel. The 'start' position in each of thesr examples has the knife in a position where it is already entering the body. There is not much any practitioner could do at that point. Also none of the examples have the 'attacker' actually attacking, he is just standing still like a mannequin.

  2. ace gammared says:

    Why does this look like moves the average person would? Like the person that made up Krav….what ever had enough fighting experience to explain what THEY did in a fight before, or what you COULD do in certain scenarios?

  3. The Atlantean says:

    All footage I have seen of Israeli soldiers attacked by knife, they were always saved by another Israeli with a gun.with one exception where the man being attack (by a woman!) was able to draw his gun and shoot her. If you do not have a gun do not bother with any Krav Maga.

  4. The Atlantean says:

    What a fucking fool, a student of FMA only 6 months to a year training would slaughter anyone using these "defenses". This is a good channel but please put up legit techniques like with your other arts. With knife one mistake = death. And this video is one long mistake.

  5. TheEnneagram says:

    An excellent example of why Krav Maga is a waste of time – NEVER let yourself get into that starting position! Krav Maga loves to train extreme scenarios that are avoidable, but not how to control the situation before it gets to those points. Also, if your emphasis is on defense, then you’ll never fully understand the tool. Only by training the knife as an offensive tool will you ever understand how to defend against it. “Knife Defense” is a useless bag of goods that will endanger you if the fight ever comes in reality.

  6. Severin Severin says:

    How about a krav Nazi video about how to murder children, the disabled and nurses and journalists? How to ethnically cleanse? How to poison and limit democracy and free speech in the UK and the rest of the world. Be more honest…

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