KRAV MAGA Knife on the Floor

Boaz Aviram is one of the only Krav Maga experts who were there at the very beginning, and holds the secrets of this most effective Hand-to-Hand fighting …

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  1. TopExpert10 says:

    The Accumulated knowledge of man obtained over generations by observation trial and error and analysis is not applicable unless complete! Man's factor is the cause for this and multiple men are multiple causes as well.
    Past knowledge is gathered, analyzed and documented for the purposes of applying, preserving and succeeding in desired future actions. The more complex the knowledge is the more complex it gets to master it.
    The chain of obtaining knowledge has been broken many times and will be broken again and again.
    They key is having sufficient detailed mastery of useful key elements of a system that is complete. If you dont have it, anything can go wrong at anytime!
    The book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon will walk you through the complexity of the most efficient hand-to-hand fighting training system and the intensive steps to master it. Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery DVD set is an invaluable tool for self study as well that complements the book!
    The Author is the third in lineage Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructor in the Fighting Fit Academy certifying Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Instructors. His follow up civilian 15 year career as a certified public accountant in auditing of large investment partnerships contributed to the documentation of such a complex but quick and intensive training system.

  2. TopExpert10 says:

    In Hand-to-hand combat both opponents try to control each other's pressure points first and bring them to a point of no return – The one that succeeded preserved his life! What are the elements of controlling the adversary's pressure points first?

    The elements of attack: You need to reach to them as fast as possible to use the element of surprise so your opponent would not evade your reach or block it and counter attack.

    The elements of defense: Block and Counter attack, evade and counter attack, control your opponent's body by grabbing his limbs to take him out of balance and control him that way prior to reaching a pressure points with the counter attack of having him fall in a bad angle and taking a bad impact that can delay him and slow down his resistance.

    So you need to sort all these elements in the correct hierarchy and be able to program your students to be able to juggle them into victory.

    Theory and application methods help. The theory has to be complete with minimal loopholes. The Application should be simplified into manageable segments that help retrain the theory and ability to prioritize and make decisions.

    While you need to get comfortable with efficient and less efficient attack and defense methods, there are two thing you need to do: You need to acquire comprehensive skills and you need to consolidate your methods!

    If you have a model of most efficient attacker to train with, you are not wasting time on doing ballet!

    One of the crucial elements of hand-to-hand combat is the human reaction time limit. This even has elusive terminology in other martial arts and fighting sports and is often referred to as distancing, timing, and the hotzone. That concept drives a hierarchy of priorities…

    Hierarchy of Priorities: Since you want to be ahead of the game in the game of death, you need to be alive. You can do it by not letting the opponent cut your life short, and if you cut your opponent's life short he will not bother you anymore!

    Of course there are some considerations to be made and not every physical confrontation should end in death, but a threatening scenario is a matter of a split second and if you did not react properly your game could be over for life! So you need to be efficient.

    You simply have no time to waste on something that would take longer to do than something else. If you are using a slow method and your opponent is using a faster method he will be ahead of you!

    Faster in what way? Well to control an opponent through pressure points, you need to close the gap to reach them quickly under the constraint of reaction time. You need to reach them with an impact blow, poke, grab twist and tear. You can do it directly or indirectly but that is getting too deep.

    What does training against realistic attack means in hand-to-hand-combat? Your trained attacker training partner has to be trained first to be most efficient model. He would have to attack you by reaching into the hotzone by surprise (not projecting his attack) by lunging, jumping or rolling, or he would have to instinctively attack you as you are entering the hotzone.

    His impact attack should pass your pressure points 3-5 inches. In other words, in your safe training method he should only penetrate few millimeters but can demonstrate an ability to continue to penetrate another 3-5 inches at the same split second, not when you are not there anymore!

    What about your defense methods? Well if you instinctively retracted and managed to evade his attack the attacker must have projected his attack, or you managed to foresee what he attempted.

    If you blocked or deflected his attack after you retracted you wasted your time because if he is the most efficient attack model, he would have retracted and if you moved back first and then blocked, his hand might be retracted already and he would be moving for the second attack adjusting for the distance.

    This is why in Pure Krav Maga you do not want to move back. It can happen but the more you are doing it, the less opportunity you have to save your life. If your opponent was reasonably efficient, if would have been a grave error to move back and block…

    A realistic attacker model, is the one that demonstrate ability to reach to the target passing it 3-5 inches, retracting the impacting limb and calculating his next move. If you don't block and counter attack against such an opponent you have no chance!

    And yes you need to practice last resort escapes and reaching pressure points when you are taken off balance by surprise, or being held in attempt to control you.

    Remember that if you were knocked out unconscious with a punch, kick or even a slap, or ever knocked out semi unconscious, it would be almost impossible for you to figure out where you are and how to escape a follow up attempt to restrain you or to keep beating you up to death!

    There are many training systems out there…They do not incorporate all the simple essential elements of hand-to-hand combat mentioned above! One day when they realize it and if they will not have thousands of students to lose face to by being ashamed of telling them that for all these years they had done it wrong, they will all start to look like Pure Krav Maga! It was not my idea, but it was Imrich Lichtenfeld's prophecy, and I had just clarified it!

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