Krav Maga Knife Defense Techniques: Detailed Video



Here is a detailed video from Keith Collyer, creator of CROSS Krav Maga. The video focuses on knife defense techniques and …

One thought on “Krav Maga Knife Defense Techniques: Detailed Video

  1. LusoOutdoors says:

    Thanks for the video. Great seeing you're covering possibilities/preferences, gaining time, what ifs and remaining aware of possible other threats and including escape at the end.
    I understand its a short time to cover everything and you already convey so much in 5 minutes. I feel the video misses an important post-confrontation consideration on third parties! Other passers-by, law enforcement (immediately), CCTV – which Keith probably does cover in class.
    There is a slight concern for me, at 2:13, the attacker was disarmed, then the knife picked up by initial defender when the defender has an opportunity to escape. If police is called and they arrive when the defender picks the knife up, what happens?! The police just knows there is one attacker with a knife and they arrive seeing one guy battered on the floor and another holding a knife. Thus not achieving self-defence because the police (possibly armed) won't wait long asking questions.
    Nice video overall, solid without going crazy. Will check your
    channel again. Cheers.

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