KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Reverse Grip Downwards Knife Stab Defense

HowToKravMaga Knife Defense Series – Reverse Grip Downwards Knife Stab Defense Situation/ Description The attacker takes out a knife, the knife is held in a …

14 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Reverse Grip Downwards Knife Stab Defense

  1. pksvle says:

    Not sure where this technique was learned, but this is the furthest thing from true Israeli KravMaga. I have bee training for 6 years both in the US & Israel, and utilizing this defense, will not work outside of a staged video shoot. One must get off the line of attack to properly defend against a knife attack…not burst in, unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Raph L says:

    Guys, no offence some of your videos are good even interesting takes on krav maga, but the truth is there are many types of krav maga and many more interpretations of it. Military, Police, Civilian, VIP protection…and many schools are founded by people who learned a bit of one of those categories and puts in his own school of thinking. The most complete Krav Maga is the civilian krav maga taught by international experts and their trained instructors. Youtube Itay Gil for a better idea…

  3. Berkan Bolkan says:

    I like your videos but to be honest these techniques are not just pure krav maga. In addition , I think that this defense wouldn't be practical( especially for someone who will learn by watching videos ;therefore, I think that easier and less practice requiring techniques should be taught) . According to my experience from years of krav maga training this technique wouldn't be the best choice among all the options you have.
    Still good work !
    Keep working hard

  4. dangard88 says:

    @tracyjudo09 If the attcker has a pistol, you just go laong, and wait for him to get careless. The #1 mistake I see people with guns make is
    Agun is a ranged weapon, the whole point is to keep your opponent at a distance. In close quarters, a gun belongs to whoever wants it most.

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