KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Lower Upwards Knife Stab Defense

HowToKravMaga Knife Defense Series — Low Upwards Knife Stab Defense Situation/ Description The attacker takes out a knife and tries to stab you in an …

23 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Lower Upwards Knife Stab Defense

  1. Rickard Å says:

    I don't care what people say, this is NOT authentic Krav Maga. First of all, it's very easy to miss the grab and secondly, knife attacks dosen't come alone, the attacker is most likely to attack more then once and when he pulls back there is NO way the grab is gonna hold. 

  2. Raph L says:

    You guys make many great videos of Krav Maga which look more legitimate than the average, but the proper defence for this particular attack is actually the one you demonstrated in the previous video ''Straight Knife Attack'' where you block the wrist of the attacker 1st 3rd on 1st 3rd and strike to the face at the same time and then, if you are comfortable with it, use the submission/disarm which you actually demonstrated in that video.

  3. knowledge0010 says:

    tricky part here are quick and repeated stabs with knife which can cause you trouble catching the wrist… and other problem is if he catches and holds your right hand and stabs you with his right hand (assuming that you're both right handed)… so I'd like to see defense from attacker holding your one arm and you're depending only on other hand…

  4. MeditzNet says:

    Think about this, if you don't catch his wrist, you're six feet under. And it's very likely that in such a heated situation, you will NOT successfully grab his wrist. VERY BAD technique…you're better off using 360 outside defense to attack and lock the knife arm, while also bursting to the attackers shoulder/biceps.

  5. Kapa-89 says:

    I disagree with this technique….You have a 50-50 chance to survive from this knife attack…Either you grab his wrist or you DONT!….i you dont then RIP!

  6. Michael Cory says:

    I'm sorry. But I can't believe that. Anyone who tried this defense wouldn't be around to teach it to you. It is wrong, it is dangerous, and it is most certainly not Krav Maga. Is this Commando Krav Maga? If so, it still isn't Krav Maga.

  7. Vam The Anomaly says:

    I learned a technique from a guy i met while in correctional officer boot camp. He was in the navy and showed me about the same thing with a big variation. As the guy thrusts the knife, on of your hands slaps the back of his hand while the other slaps the other side of the wrist causing the knife hand to fold.Its a quick move done as you thrust your lower body back.Knife will fly out of their hand and in some cases the knife flies back towards the attacker.At worst youll get non lethal cut.

  8. highlander91able says:

    i am a krav maga student at level g2 and i can clearly say it is not the best option to grab the wrist with both hands, it is extremely easy to miss and your hands and abdomin will be severed, that is why we always teach pupils to use the 360 defense when facing against a knife because it is hard to not miss. grabbing the wrist is as we call it " an amateur " move and can get you seriously injured.

  9. howtokravmaga says:

    I hope that it was a rubber knife!
    After practicing a few time you should be able to get it right, this is not a very complicated move.
    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  10. howtokravmaga says:

    @Dominikmrvik Like i mentioned earlier it might be a different type of Krav Maga this knife defense was taught to us by a military personal so he might have learned a different kind of Krav

  11. howtokravmaga says:

    @poulmelgaard The defense that is displayed in our videos
    actually catches the attackers hand, so that he can not "multiple stab" .
    This move takes practice to master, yet is extremely effective, and it is one of the many techniques used by the Israeli Military.

  12. poulmelgaard says:

    Please think twice before you try to grab a wrist in a knife fight, if the attacker is doing a multiple stab, which would be the normal way to do it, the defender will lock his arms while reaching for the knife!! Please look at dogbrothers videos!! If you don’t counterattack right away you will die. We train in elevators where we enter and the one tries to stab the defender and the only way to survive is block and counter

  13. Dominik Mrvík says:

    What about 360 with simutal attack … well we train with inscturos like Tamir or few times with Bjorn Karlsson and they never show us this technic… and its look very dangerous for defender go both hands forward… its look like he can stab you with no effort

  14. howtokravmaga says:

    This is 100% Practical Self Defense … This technique in our opinion is the best one for a low Stab Defense.
    We were taught this move at a Krav Maga seminar directed by ex-Israeli Marines that specialized in hand to hand combat.

  15. howtokravmaga says:

    @sawfreakIII There are many different defenses to each attack. This move specifically was shown to us in a Krav Maga seminar taught by an Israeli Commando. We study Krav Maga by the worldwide belt grading system.

    We will in future videos go over Krav Maga ground fighting techniques.

    Thank you for your support.

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