KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Knife Slash from Above Preemptive Counter Attack

Knife Defense Series — Knife Slash from Above Preemptive Counter Situation/Description An attacker armed with a knife slashes towards your face or upper …

22 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series – Knife Slash from Above Preemptive Counter Attack

  1. Reymund Macabenta says:

    Its good to have knowledge in self defense, his technique is good but the best technique is to hit the balls of your enemy by using your knee so that he could no longer resist that is very effective I've learned it from a street fight training even girls can do it. grabbing your enemies' hand or face is not enough because if he is stronger than you he might over power you, all you need is speed and strength and hit his weakest point basically the balls or the neck (hitting the neck is fatal)


    (Positive strike=attack motion; Negative motion=strike misses/ downward position) The best technique against knife attack, is to wait until the slasher strikes and misses moving in a downward (-) motion. While he is off balance and the knife is in "negative" position of motion, grab the wrist and knife immediately with a two handed wrist lock and twist. The knife will fall from his hand and he will be thrown to the floor. Always secure the knife or weapon FIRST to avoid being slashed.

  3. Aurumk1 says:

    there are also gun defense video's on youtube you should check some of them out. As long as it is not street defender videos those are completely useless. Get a wooden gun and practice with that.

  4. Aurumk1 says:

    What me? If the gun can't fire and you grab the hammer, that is if the gun even has a hammer, rifles don't, I must not have explained it properly so that you understood, sorry. If the hammer cannot move back, via not being cocked, the gun cannot fire. When you grab the uncocked hammer you prevent it from going off in your face while you move and twist the gun out of the opponents hands, of course you would try to be out of the way but sometimes you can't, its for extra safety.

  5. mewarmo990 says:

    Holy crap, do not listen to this moron unless you want to commit suicide. You should NEVER EVER count on your hand to jam the slide or whatever bullshit to prevent the gun from firing. If you do have to deal with a gun unarmed and at close range, your first priority is controlling the line of fire.

  6. Aurumk1 says:

    @ilikeyouallot You can't run from a gun and its a very bad situation. Check to see if the gun has a hammer, its at the back the thing sticking out of the top back of the gun, just in case you don't know. I you immobilize the hammer by grabbing the back top and holding it so it cannot move forwards, the gun cannot fire. there is generally 2 buttons one to unlock the slide, and one to release the clip. move away frm the barrel and twist hard while retaining control of the hammr

  7. zero man says:

    plus why punch him when hes on the floor. 1 stamp with heel will finish him. sorry for picking your vids. they are good, but not aggressive enough for someone who trying to kill you. remember, he trying to kill you so you are allowed by law to use deadly force to save your own life

  8. zero man says:

    this is effective but also wasting time. you could have him out in a sec, while he still falling instead of hitting him on the floor. like i said hard under chin from point 1

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