Krav Maga Knife Defense on the Ground!

More about Krav Maga: Eyal Yanilov and his krav maga defenses against variations of the front kick were featured as the cover story for …

8 thoughts on “Krav Maga Knife Defense on the Ground!

  1. joergus says:

    Amen. Its like a mountdefense against punches – the defense is the same like you would do it without punches. BUT – many ppl can´t escape grapplingmount, even when allowed to strike from the bottom position. Now imagine punches – most ppl can´t escape that. With an attacker on top of you with a knife … your fucked. I totally agree with you.

  2. John Riddle says:

    The feed back on this video is good, but I don't hear anyone putting out options from this position. Yes, this is a bad position to be in, yes, if you wind up there you did a lot of things wrong. Now, give some options to win in this situation. I think the technique is good, need to work it in a dynamic situation, yes! Great stuff Sir!

  3. MrVewj says:

    @njreader101 there are plenty of opportunities in which you can attack the mounted attacker; a hammer fist to the testicles is easily achievable from that position. In the video I'm quite sure Eyal strikes the assailant in the face. Lastly, this is a "worst case scenario"; a position of complete disatvantage. Let me ask, what would you do? Accept defeat because you failed on either a tactical or technical level? Or fight through regardless of what injury you sustain?

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