Krav Maga Gun & Knife Defense Techniques

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  1. RennyRe says:

    Yeah… At 3:18 – Like he's not just going to punch you in the face with his left hand over and over again and then stab you after he knocked your ass to the ground… Show me actual evidence that anyone has used this technique successfully! Nothing against Krav Maga in general but compared to this Disney Land self defense I'd much rather train boxing and BJJ, this way I actually learn how to fight because of sparring and I get physically fit! The gun disarm seems alright, but when I have a fight with someone and they reach for their back pocket I'm not going to wait for what they pull out but rather hit them with a right hook from hell…

  2. S4NoobPro says:

    The reality is that you have to run as fast as you can.This will Never work,the person with the knife will punch, Kick,and bite your fucking head as hard as He can,there are no Rules in a street fight.

  3. Ben Wilson says:

    These are the types of poor lessons that put krav maga in a bad light… Way too complicated and not a realistic way to approach the situation. Good luck grabbing that wrist like that if your knife attacker shows any sort of aggression… God forbid they pull back, moves a little, or happens to be slippery from sweat or blood… If it's not simple, it simply won't work, and it's not simple, it's not good krav maga. Good krav maga doesn't teach this

  4. John Gate says:

    great instruction and who ever watches this and thinks it is dumb youre a fool. remember when it comes to defense nothing is supposed to look flashy or cool.

  5. min metax says:

    that doesnt seem to real. i wish i could seen it in real time with real reactions from shane!!! If you grab the knife i think you have to step in an close the distance and hit hard with everything you have!!! If you let him in this range he can step back or even change the hand he is holding the knife. also i don thing with one hand its safe to try to trap a knife and with the other hand to hit him at the same time

  6. oldgreg1184 says:

    i did not like the knife disarm at all and thats not krav. hes almost telling you to catch the knife with your hands which if someone is trying to stab you their arm is going to move like a piston. the knife dances amd moves constantly if you try to catch it you will get cut. in krav everything is a strike including blocks. where was the strike on the knofe block?

  7. Joe Vazquez says:

    this is complete bullshit. The guy in the red shirt kept his other arm at his side. All of this is also assuming you react with perfect timing and accuracy and get a perfect hold of the attacker's arm. I thought Krav Maga was supposed to be realistic.

  8. Andrew Torok says:

    There is some good advice in the video but the technique makes too many assumptions: for one, will you be able to grab that moving hand? Will you be able to hang on – how is your grip? When you let go with one hand, the attacker can pull his hand out through the opening; Why does the attacker just stand there while the defender gets to do his moves? Wouldn't you think the attacker might punch or something or at least pull away? Aside from a weak head-butt, why not strike the attacker in the throat or poke the eyes before trying to wrestle the gun away, etc. etc.

  9. Wojtek N says:

    The only thing that would possibly work in a real self defense situation ist grabbing the knife with two hands (2:46) and giving the headbutts (2:57) trying to control his opper body moves with them, still holding his arm with two hands. Stretching the arm (3:02), the step back (3:29), striking with the heal of the hand towards his knuckles (3:36) and taking the knife out of his hand (3:41) belong to fine motor skills which won't work on the street!

  10. lostwisdom100 says:

    what if you miss grabbing his wrist and that knife fucking rips your guts out. I would just try and maintain distance/dodge and strike at the right moment when he misses with a lunge.

  11. Ricky V says:

    If you grab someone's hand like that and they have a knife your wrists are gonna get cut they can still cut you . These techniques are useless

  12. Javus Bravo says:

    Gun: You grab the wrist, across from the body, away from line of fire, their right shoulder over your left side – all fine.
    When you say you "…have the gun now.." You say club or strike with the gun, in a way that, it looks as though they could take control.
    Knife: Fine, awesome technique, though say you thrust you're upper body forward to grab his wrist in the way you described, But Miss… and then not only does he stab you but with Twice the Speed or it ends up going in your neck. I think what should always be taught first is to gt away, then to learn how to strike the opponent to the ground without going straight forward when a knife is coming at you.

    *1 is always you.
    In any situation.
    Although, you might want to learn not to go forward but also not to hesitate. Hesitation is the key concern when dealing with a situation. And no i don't mean like, hesitate to take the gun off the attacker and shoot him with it, you mgiht not need to do that. Just learn to keep yourself protected at all times.

  13. modrnlol says:

    The thing I don't get about stuff like this, is assuming the person who is attacking isn't also realizing the moves the defender is making and making alterations to their attack. I would immediately back up if I was the attacker and realized they were lunging towards me. Maybe most peoples reaction isn't good enough? I don't know.. but it just seems unlikely you are going to so easily stop an attacker trying to kill you.

  14. Jason D says:

    These guys should just fight to the death with the plastic knife and their views would go through the roof. You'd have to watch it on mute though…

  15. Nick Smith says:

    idk why everyone says these defences are bad? there never is a perfect way to stop a weapon, but this guy hits all the main points.. adress the threat (it's a surprise situation so he addresses it by controlling weapon arm not knowing what weapon is), he kept line of fire off himself, kept control, and even emphasized that you should focus on beating then down rather than grabbing the weapon unless u absolutely need to. what is so wrong about these techniques?

  16. Chris Pretorius says:

    why do people say this is bullshit? this would work if you have the reflexes you just need to train. also everyone who says this is bullshit are not even giving reasons why

  17. IDF Krav Maga School Canada says:

    We have visited many martial arts dojos and gyms in BC and other Provinces. A lot of those have a program that is dedicated to self defense according to their own views and taught in a martial art form & way. A lot of them also call it Krav maga, as if it became a general word for self defense. They also know that people connect to that term.
    When teaching “krav maga” it looks like they have been watching a video on YouTube, had an online video crash course and started teaching And they make a nice profit off of it. It is a very common thing in America and North America.

    But, The original form of the Krav Maga is the Israeli Military Close Combat form, which was invented and developed as the IDF KRAV MAGA.

    IDF KRAV MAGA  is not & never will be a Martial Art!

    therefore, a martial art gym or dojo, that is teaching a martial art self defense, calling it Krav Maga, is tricking people to believe, it is the system everybody has heard of… The result is, people who wish to learn a very specific Self Defense System, are learning Mistakes!!!

    IDF KRAV MAGA is the Original Military Close Combat Self Defense System,                                                             which is referred to, in short, as Krav Maga.

    When you are interested in watching online videos of the real form of Krav Maga,  search; IDF KRAV MAGA.

    When you are interested in learning & practicing Krav Maga – Search for a  Certified  IDF Krav Maga instructor.

  18. Benedict Feser says:

    I am pretty skeptical of this stuff. If the guy has a knife or a gun, first try to talk him out of it. Then just run if it fails. If the guy has a weapon that can kill, your pretty much screwed if he engages in combat with you. DONT. MESS. WITH. GUNS. OR. KNIVES.

  19. Anon Anonymous says:

    >He thinks you don't have to worry about cuts unless it's to the throat
    Inner forearm, wrist, gut, groin, inner thigh, eyes, forehead, pectoral end point, fingers. These are all potentially debilitating cuts. Not to mention the fact that you're going to be losing blood while still in a fight.

    this guy is full of shit.

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