Krav Maga Frontline Knife Defense by Bursting

Go to for more information. Rick Seid, Frontline Krav Maga founder and Mark Astor Frontline Krav Maga instructor …

26 thoughts on “Krav Maga Frontline Knife Defense by Bursting

  1. Fighting Chance says:

    Actually defending against the low or underhand attack is much easier to control and capture the knifehand. Pressure must still be brought against the attacking arm to limit their ability to do just what you suggest. The angle of you defense need flow with the attack to cut off the line of attack and get inside it. Not hard. Try is a bunch of times. But make sure to keep bursting or then the distance between you will allow what you describe. Thank you for commenting. regards, Rick Seid

  2. hernandayolearyallda says:

    while bursting clearly works for an overhand attack because ur hand can'tgo further back. if someone is attacking underhand they can always move their hands further backwards and attack again. Ie. when u did the underhand attack, you could easily have just pulled your arm further back and tried to stab again to the neck

  3. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @7heAteles I wish I would have addressed in the vid. Each situation demands tactical strategies that need to be made in an instant. If you are looking for stun & run control is not necessary. But if your environment is potential multiple attackers or you need control locking & further striking or takedown would be the logical & most effective response. I would suggest controlled devastating strike. Then make your decision. Disengaging ag. knife is very dangerous giving them more opportunity.

  4. The Ateles says:

    I've trained this technique and I'm extremely comfortable with it but my question is about the theory behind the bursting technique. While using it is the idea to hit with everything you have, or a more controlled strike which would keep the attacker standing so you could control the situation better? Just a curious question behind the theory.

  5. MrByaeger says:

    i like this a lot because in my view, if you face a skilled knife fighter and you are unarmed you have 2 choices, run or get killed. but the percentage of knife attacks are passion crimes, a screwdriver or kitchen knife being thrust at you full force in rage, look up the stats. thats why i actually like "blasting " or even x blocks. they work in the high percentage. if my attacker has the skill to block and draw cut, i never had a chance to begin with. good stuff…

  6. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @theguyi26 PART 2 Takedowns are another story and lesson. Using a takedown is situational and need be quick & decisive or you can get into a bigger problem. Most every takedown I teach coes from face to face. Thus any counteraction by the opponent leaves you in a better fighting position. This is probably better illustrated than explained. Thanks for your comment.

  7. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @theguyi26 You raise a good point regarding takedowns in general. First this, it MUST come after battering the attacker with strikes so his preparedness to react is distracted & this comes out of nowhere. If he is not hurt you are correct. It would be difficult at best. I didn't here, but I always kick to their shins to soften their base. Against a knife this takedown is meant to take them face down so further attacks are minimized. There are other takedowns but this was for bursting. go to 2

  8. bfullcolo says:

    Thanks gentlemen. With a realistic amount of training these are techniques that a real person can actually execute under stress. I really appreciate you showing the training procedure too along with the possible ways in which this can all go bad and the ways to recover. Having a plan B is always a good idea.

  9. KillaD15 says:

    Glad to see someone emphasizing how critical the 360 defense and bursting is. Very well done, glad to see someone posting REAL Krav Maga techniques on this site for a change.

  10. vikingproducts says:

    @FrontlineKravMaga , I have looked through all ur videos on krav maga and i have found them all well put together .I myself have just taken up krav maga , I was doing aikido but i found it so technical that u would want 2 b doing it for 10 years to be good enough to fight off an attacker where as because i was doing mauy thai for years i find that krav maga comes more natural 2 me . I find that in aikido u wait for the attacker to come 2 u where as krav maga u attack the attacker !! I luv it !!

  11. daskalo jacob says:

    the burst move is a boxing basic technique. imi lichtenfeld the founder of krav maga was a boxer and wrestler. the other purpose of the bursting into the attack is to keep the attacker busy and to brake his attacking momentum.

  12. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @RighteousRepublican Thank you for your kind words below. Our first and foremost principle is eliminate the danger of the attack (block the knife's path) and attack at the same time to stifle a second or third attack. I am not sure what you exactly mean regarding the armbreaks. If you mean at the disarm or once control is established, no problem. Any damage to the attacker we view as a good thing. The more the damage the better to lead to surviving this very dangerous encounter.

  13. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @mew6112 It is not long to make the video but thay is not just what I had in mind. Can't disclose right now. Very soon. Don't mean to be coy just need to keep the idea mine right now. Should be soon.

  14. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @mew6112 So funny you ask that. I am contemplating an idea, part of which would do exactly or similar to what you are suggesting. Keep you posted. Send me an email or a way to notify you. Thank you for the comment.

  15. Andrew Andrwew says:

    Is there a video here that shows guides for multiple moves? One problem I have with most videos is that it shows a technique, but it doesn't really show how to use the technique in multiple situations.

  16. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @ricvalley As I mention at 4:30 on this video we are actually striking with the elbow at the same time disrupting their ability to mount an effective counter. So once we control we are attacking immediately. Unless I am misunderstanding your question, the attacker would find it very difficult to make a meaningful strike with their other hand and it is not logical that they would make a simultaneous attack with both hands. I hope I answered your scenario as you asked it. Thanks for posting.

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