Krav Maga Frontline Knife against neck #1

Go to for more information. Knife defense against neck taught by Chief Instructor Rick Seid and Mark Astor Frontline …

14 thoughts on “Krav Maga Frontline Knife against neck #1

  1. Russel Dan Ortiz says:

    I wish this self-defense system is also available here in our country, Philippines. It's so easy to do & yet equally effective- if not superior- as with other self-defense systems. We too have criminals here and they operate in a unique fashion. I hope someday Krav Maga will formally visit our country & impart to us this life-saving defense esp. to the women and children.

  2. Gumbi1012 says:

    Yes that is what i meant by the pressure testing. I know myself how effective elbows and such are to distract while locking/disarming. Thanks alot i really appreciate your help.

  3. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Hi Gumbi,
    To really get the flavor, once you got it, which will be in minutes, have your partner put on headgear and make a controlled but effective strike to really get the idea of the importance of the strike. Then you also put on the headgear to get the feel by being on the receiving end. Speed and force. I didn't describe or show the disarm, so I am hoping you have one that is effective. Be well.

  4. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Part 2 I need to stress that the strike is mean to cross circuit their thought process for a brief moment to 1. control and attack 2. Stun & Run. 3. stun & Take down. I do have a redirect & control with both hands and strike with a kick. I don't have it on this clip. I should have. My guess is it is similar to what you are doing. Redirect to the other hand for control & lock,,add groin kick,,finish with whatever necessary to the situation. Hoping this is what you were asking. regards

  5. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Gumbi part 1, OK now that you mention the knife across to the right side I need to adjust my answer. My answer was related to the knife to the left side. Our basic principle is remove the danger and attack at the same time. The response with holding their wrist with one hand could be more of a problem. But I redirect & hit immediately to stun as earlier stated. But I go quickly to disarm with both hands for control & to keep him from switching the knife to the other hand. Go to part 2

  6. Gumbi1012 says:

    Well, actually my question doesn't necessarily apply to your defense and i should've stated that. What i meant was that: In our system of self defense we are taught (in a knife situation) to worry only about the knife. Our "technique" involves controlling the knife hand by blocking it so that the attacker cannot cut downwards and almost simultaneously using your right hand to fully take control of the knife and work from there (ie locks, strikes etc) Hope i made that clear(er).

  7. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Hi Gumbi, It's probably me but I am not understanding your question about blocking the travel direction so please describe again. Regarding the control of the knifehand, it is easy to keep the hand pinned to your body so long as you are attacking and not standing there letting them yank it out. So you must attack immediately to keep the attackers under siege. Thank you for your kind words and great questions.

  8. Gumbi1012 says:

    What is your opinion on blocking the direction of travel, (ie so the attacker cannot cut downwards) and then controlling the knife hand? Also is one hand holding the knife to the body enough to prevent him attacking again?
    It seems to me that a natural response would be to try rip away in order to gain back control of the knife. I look forward to your response, again great job and great video.

  9. Mjolnir says:

    Once again, an excellent video. I really appreciate your clear and detailed teaching technique. Every video gives me something I can add to my current KM lessons.

    Great work, as always!

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