KRAV MAGA Combat Pistol Shooting Drills

Boaz Aviram is one of the only Krav Maga experts who were there at the very beginning, and holds the secrets of this most effective Hand-to-Hand fighting …

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  1. TopExpert10 says:

    Pure Krav Maga – Excellence through Proper Sequence!/Boaz Aviram

    All martial arts share common ingredients.
    People – A creature with generally two legs and two arms of which natural motion could be generated in any direction to create impact with any point of body contact. Generally it is wise to use hard bones to hit soft pressure points…

    Strikes – to strike at pressure points you need to create momentum which is acceleration of mass over distance and maintain it through penetration of that pressure point to reach the desired effect of control, damage or death. You need not project your attempts as your opponent might move away from your intended hitting location and your attempt will be futile. Also you need to plan your next move if that happens.

    Kicks – To kick at pressure points you need to create momentum which is the same principle of aforementioned strikes.

    Pressure Points – Striking, tearing and gouging points which upon activation, cause distraction through the senses, and bodily damage limiting functioning to the purpose of being unable to attack back.

    Using Leverage – Using greater force achieved with more parts of the body or with a stronger part, motion, or faster speed, in the weakest direction or redirection even in the same direction to deflect strikes, kicks, and to escape restraining holds.

    Using bare hands – Meaning using your body only.

    Using Sharp Objects Using a handy object or a knife.

    Using Blunt Objects Using a chair or a club or such.

    Preventing getting shot at when possible Using the limits of reaction time to overcome a gun threat.

    Preemptive attack makes sense that if you are the first to properly attack your opponent will not be in attack mode and you will have an advantage, so if you keep going and nothing stops you, you will prevail. If you let go, there could be a reversal of fortunes.

    Defensive reaction Last resort possible defensive move that will foil attacker's intent. If you immediately use that split second to counter attack, you are now the leading fighter that if you use your advantage properly you will not let reversal of fortunes happen again.

    As you see the above ingredients are found in all martial arts. However, learning the most efficient sequence of thought, analysis, motion, training drills, and curriculum, is the most important factor to success.

    There is a difference in the goals of using martial arts as fitness and friendly grappling, wrestling, boxing, MMA etc, where the fitness, resilience of the physics are competing to certain limits. In these scenarios the goal is staying within these limits. At times athletes are encouraged to prevail by endurance and all sorts of virtues derived by nature.

    Seeing the whole picture of a scenario or a sports fight is the essence. While the tendency in sports fights is to look back at prior opponents in the field, the tendency in Self Defense should be to look at the human capacity.

    This is because you are dealing with the average Joe that does not have time to train all the time, and you want to ensure he or she will get optimal results when needed.

    Prioritization is an important virtue of serious coaches.

    Consolidation and specific applications are important as well. The bottom line is to find the most consolidated way to overcome any obstacle, teach the essence and let the students connect the dots.

    Specific application ensures that when connecting the dots, students will not bypass an essential point!

    For self defense, the optimal thought would be to use those last resort natural tools available to overcome an attack. Being more efficient is the essence! Using the best sequences in thought, training, and defense throughout the matrix is the key!

    Pure Krav Maga Training Consists mostly of consolidated most efficient methods of safe entry into the hotzone, for the purpose of reaching opponent's pressure points to control them and secure your safety. These entries include scenarios where practitioners enter first or wait for the attacker to enter first.

    What can Pure Krav Maga do for Fighting Sports and other martial Artists? It can make them more specifically efficient to what they do and much better prepared to realistic self defense. It can also make the competitions more pure and technical.

    While it appears that most champions posses a combinations of those principles of Pure Krav Maga making them overall more efficient opponent than the rest of their members. Through learning Pure Krav Maga, it can enhance them and also enhance those who were not so fortunate to have the correct sequences in training.

    After all they learned the hard way and took few falls in their career, and will take another fall at the end of their career. While some things are inevitable, knowing the intricate details of scenarios and understanding them proficiently could very well help to avoid falling into making critical errors and waste time.

    What can Pure Krav Maga do to the average folk? It can make them aware, and train them to be more efficient in awareness and reacting using the last resort tools available to all humans driving them to use them when needed!

    What Can other Martial Arts and fighting sports can do for Pure Krav Maga – Keep it at bay if anything suddenly changes in their practices.

    Can sports and stand up martial arts adjust their training to realistic self defense scenario? Of course they can, but since there is so much to adjust starting with understanding the hotzone timing and sequences of unfolding scenarios, and being efficient throughout the process, there are many areas to adjust at once. It will be surely a long road of self learning, and all it takes one more efficient attacker to end your life!

    Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery 7 Disk DVD Set teaches you the most efficient sequences!

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