Krav Maga: Choke from Behind, How To Fight, Real Self Defense Techniques



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44 thoughts on “Krav Maga: Choke from Behind, How To Fight, Real Self Defense Techniques

  1. Gia says:

    If you have your hand bag, packages in you hand or your child with you this is not going to work. I can tell you from experience it's not this simple. This is some good advise but you only have seconds to respond. Every situation can be different. Many times it can be more than one attacker. AWARENESS is your number one defense. Take self defense classes where you have hands on experience fighting for your life. Men are bigger and stronger. If you go with your attacker even if they have a gun to your head chances are slim to none of surviving. Please take classes. Many Police Departments offer free classes. Fight for your life.

  2. holysoks1 says:

    @tinytom22 the movement of the body only happens after she raises one of her arms far above her ear and then elbows downwards on the wrists choking her while also twisting to elbow or punch the attacker.

  3. Emily W says:

    This may be a stupid question, but I've seen in movies where people come from behind to choke and hold a gun to their head and whatsoever, so what if there is no wall?

  4. Charlie Farley says:

    I think its great teaching women self defence with no nonsense techniques. But why arent they been told to run like fuck after the first few strikes. Its likely that a full grown man is going to be angry and over power a woman given a second chance. Use the technique then run like hell dont stop to fight again

  5. Davin Dap McLeod says:

    I'm sorry, but if a real attacker put you up against a wall like that by surprise, your face is going into that wall. Even if it doesn't, if you end up flat on that wall, he/she already assumes that you would try something which is why they put you in that position in the first place. You have demonstrated the best scenario, but as self-defense artists, we have to demonstrate the worst scenario… which is… this person knows what the hell they're doing!!! She's getting robbed or raped!

  6. Raf says:

    These techniques are disappointing in the fact that they do not represent a relentless attacker at all… What kind of attacker, who as made the commitment to initiate an attack, stop doing anything once the other person presents a struggle? Sure, you don't want to be too rough in training, but keep it real and actually have an attack to fend off.

  7. Nathaniel Garcia says:

    the most effective way i found to get out of a strong choke is to go for the groin or grab a single finger and peel it back, you can control someones whole body with one finger, unless they don't like their finger

  8. PoeticWayz says:

    You see I was going to subscribe to this channel until I got scared by 2:20 lady at the end! No Lie! O__o I slightly jump! Really!! (-.-, lol Ps. Nice work on the vid! Xp & Please no more pop-ups! >3</ hehe jk ^_^;

  9. Lena Krausenbach says:

    lol, she did it at this practice, too. at 0:33, her feet had full contact with his soft space, where girls have to kick, to win a fight against a boy. it´s her special fun, the boy learned respekt. after her groinkick, you can see in his face, that there happened something evil with his nuts.

  10. gerard menvussa says:

    4) So, we can learn Karate or krav marga in order to protect us, ok, no problem, but we have to remember ourselves that it's a very very big failure, a big defeat, and that we've to make great efforts in order to change. Believe me, VTVSD, believe me….. ;-)) i know what i say, believe me….

  11. gerard menvussa says:

    3) I worship Jesus, because of my love for him too. BUT it's not sufficient, we 've to put into pratice what He said. and what did He say ? "If you help the poor, in reality you help God". ALL THINGS are included in this law. Jesus didn't forget to tell us about martial art, no, he didn't !! Because all is included in this love. In fact, the summit of martial art is love, not violence ! Jesus knew perfectly that love develop Prana or KI, so, He didn't waste his time in telling us about that..

  12. gerard menvussa says:

    Another time, you've NOT understood what i've said. ;-)) I don't "believe", i FEEL the energies in my body, and my energies don't change other people, no, but this people 'll not attack me, that's all ! It's like a magnet : if you put it on the correct side, another magnet 'll go away ! The second magnet doesn't change, but it'll go away…;-) If you don't know that, you don't know the genuine martial art, sorry. 😉

  13. VTV SD says:

    This has now become a circular arguement. You have this beliefe that you can change the nature of people by means of your own inner strength or energy and I believe that you are denying reality. I'm not going to change your mind and you certainly aren't going to change mine. So now what? I agree that we should help the poor, but I think that we probably do it for different reasons. I worship Jesus Christ and so I do it because of my love for Him. Why do you do it?

  14. gerard menvussa says:

    "the probability is low" was for you, not for me ;-)) another time, you didn't understand nothing. Ok i repeat : if you learn to control your energies, your prana, or KI, by opening your heart, the wolves will feel what you are and they'll not attack you !! you've to understand than humans or animals are your mirror ! So, if you change, they change too. "People who live in peace" don't live in peace, they're very egoists and violent, it's necessary to open your heart, to help poor people e.g.

  15. VTV SD says:

    "or the probability is low." You prove my point. In this world there are three kinds of people. Most are sheep, living their lives in peace and not bothering anyone. Then there are the wolves who prey on the sheep because no matter what the sheep believe, they are defenseless. Finally, there are the sheepdogs. They look like wolves so the sheep hate them too. But they need the sheepdog. You are a sheep. Ignorant of the wolves and you lash out at the sheepdog.

  16. gerard menvussa says:

    hi, you didn't understand NOTHING about what i've said here. Read before writing ! your energies have an influence over the attacker, so he would not attack you, or the probability is low.
    i explained all this here, but nobody understand…. ok do what you want.. Tchao !

  17. VTV SD says:

    You can certainly believe what you like. And I applaud your decision to live a non violent lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of the world does has not reached the level of enlightenment that you apparently have so you will go to a hospital or perhaps your grave knowing that you were beaten or killed by a less enlightened thuggish brute.

  18. VTV SD says:

    Es sierto que los golpes en esta video no tienen la fuerza para acer danio a un hombre fuerte. Pero no se necesita fuerza para escapar. Se me hace que usted necesita un poquito mas estudia de defenso personal.

  19. gerard menvussa says:

    Tell me, guy : WHO told you about the Dalaï Lama ?? not me ! Our problem is not about looking at what other people do ! I don't know Dalai lama, and what he has achieved in his life, my problem is ME, do you understand this or are you a stupid guy ? So, you told me about him 'cause you know i'm right and you has NOTHING to say against my words here 'cause you're a fool who need to pratice karate to protect yourself ! GO LEARN about genuine martial art instead of this full shit of krav !

  20. thatravendude says:

    Hey lover boy did you know that people tried to kill the dalai lama. It wasn't love that protected him, it was his security. People have to be willing to fight back in-order to protect fools like you. I'm not saying that the dalai lama is a fool, just you.

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