Knot of the Week: How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Paracord

Learn How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Coxcombing (spiral hitching) and Turk’s Heads with our latest Knot of the Week on ITS Tactical. Check out the full …

46 thoughts on “Knot of the Week: How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Paracord

  1. NoMoreCandies says:

    Try to get hot melted plastic flattenned ? No problems : First with a finger, second whith the plastic body of the lighter… You, sir are a true genius. FYI there is a metal cover at the top of the lighter. Good luck.

  2. Spearfisher1970 says:

    Two hours ago I just used this technique as my first ever coxcombing on a boat. I cut a 15' piece for a narrower (than the paddle) grab rail, and … that wasn't quite enough. I'll use 30 feet the next time.
    Would like to see an update to this same technique, but how to them join additional pieces of cord or rope together if we only work with manageable lengths (while maintaining the tightness and pattern), or how best to work with a much longer length.

  3. Josh Rehbein says:

    You're doing this the difficult way (passing the free end through the loop) if you have an open end, you can just make a twisted loop in the working end and pass it over the end of the oar. you can do it so much quicker! the only time it doesn't work s when the pole is longer than the working end, or you're doing it on a ring.

  4. warren michael says:

    nice easy to follow turks head how to , however, i was laughing at the end. You kept in frame until the end when you were trying to show us how to hide the ends !  LOL I understood it though because you at least talked about what you were doing, unlike others on the tube !

  5. nelsonstephen20 says:

    My brother in law just brought me a machete he found when he was in afghanistan, the handle was wrapped with the spiral weave and im glad i found this. Its cool to see how it was done, he also told me about an 8 foot pole in the middle of his base that was wrapped to the top in that same weave lol

  6. K Simpson says:

    Use the metal part of the lighter rather than the plastic that can melt and possible cause the lighter to explode if exposed to a flame or red hot ember.  Remember your  video's are being viewed by children and safety needs to be a priority.

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