Knives of Alaska "Bush Camp Knife" vs The Schrade SCHF36M Frontier Fixed Blade (Full Review)



Beauty and The Beast! On this episode of GPO, we’ll compare the Knives of Alaska “Bush Camp” knife and Schrade’s SCHF36M Frontier fixed blade. Both have …

15 thoughts on “Knives of Alaska "Bush Camp Knife" vs The Schrade SCHF36M Frontier Fixed Blade (Full Review)

  1. Sidney Mathious says:

    I have a Schrade SCHF26 which I got about 4 years ago and have it on my utility belt for camping and I like the blade length since it is great for doing anything in bushcraft work. I have other knives from several companies and they are all American made except the Schrade which was made in China. My favorite knives are the ones made by Buck, and Ka-Bar and they are in my collector's pile stored away. I had not heard of Knives of Alaska before, but they must be nice knives.

  2. Alyx Christophe says:

    Knives of Alaska is based in Texas not Alaska. The group of peeps there went on frequent hunting trips to Alaska and developed these knives to have the qualities they couldn't find in other knives.

  3. jonnyboat2 says:

    You left out, as far as I remember, the blade grind. What is it? Hollow? Saber? Flat? Nether were flat ground. Kinda looks like hollow or saber or scandi. Do you know?

  4. cyclist01222 says:

    Why did you choose to compare these two knives? One is a knife the other a pry bar lol. very different to me. I may get the camp knife… been eyeballing it for a while.

  5. Brian Ray says:

    Hey man good video just to comment on your review I bought this knife last year for Christmas and let me tell you it is a beast I've literally beat the hell out of it this knife is well-made for a Bushcraft knife for a bush craft nice this out does in my opinion a lot better out there it is an awesome knife thanks for the review

  6. David Salter says:

    Good day, love the knive by far, have had this since the day it came out. My Bush Camp knife is not D2 but the AUS-8A Japanese Steel. Just wondering did they have issues with this steel and went to D2 or was it cost. I sure hope this one is American made. Thanks for any feed back.

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