Knives: Bushcraft Vs Combat

Knives: Bushcraft Vs Combat Mike talks about knives and their different intended purposes and designs. Every knife has a Utility …

17 thoughts on “Knives: Bushcraft Vs Combat

  1. Pete Privitere says:

    What's your take on the sog bowie? Its combat design is obvious, but these men operated deep behind enemy lines so I'm imagining that some bushcraft was taking place with it. Am I correct in thinking this?

  2. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah, But I wouldn't use my Gerber Silver Trident as a Bush Craft Knife. Because on mine, I have a Double Serrated blade and I had mine made sterile no markings of country of origin.,,.p

  3. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say zHeah, This weekend I took two knives that actually are TactiKewl. My Fox Trekjer Utility Camp and Sniper Knife and My Fox Hitam Golok. My point is this. I practice with knives that will do good when I solo scout. My Fox Trekker is just a tich shy of a 6" blade. But the edge has a beautiful geometry where I can lite chop and slice with it. I don't carve spoons when I solo scout. But I will make a eating implement to eat with one. So I L@@K for knives that will allow me to survive in the wild. I find Military Knives are made tough so I L@@K for Tough. My Fox Hitam Golok was my first Fox Knife. It's a decent chopper. But my Fox Trekjer does pretty good and teams up great with my Hit an Golok. I also put my Gerber Gator in the pouch of my Fox Trekker pouch and with the serrations I can make fine curls on my feathersticks. I also did a trip once using my S.O.G. Seal Pup Elite and my Cold Steel Tango both in the AUS8a. and they both did pretty good. But on my Ka-Bar, I had to start sharpening it from on high sort of from above the fuller. I got it very sharp and yeah, I can use it as a bush craft knife. But Its not one of my Fav's because of the type of tang. But now my BK-7/BK-17 make a lovely piece of kit for the bush. But this weeked its my Fox Trekjrr and my Hitam Golok with my new EZ KUT WoW Folding Saw with my Gerber Gator vlip point with serrations. Although I also have one in the 154 CM and a plain edge in a drop point. So yeah, I like Military TactiKewl Knives. But I also know what to L@@K for.,,.p

  4. old dog says:

    I recetly bought a 7" Warcraft Tanto from Cold Steel. It has, because of it's design, a big advantage to other fighting knifes: the snap cut. Absolutely devasting move, even trough clothing. Beside the excellent steel used in this product it has certainly some draw backs, but if you consider it mainly as a fighting knife and 2. a utility knife, it is, to me, a good buy. What do you think?

  5. TheOldGunsmith58 says:

    a lot of people over the years have asked me whats the best gun to get and i have to ask them whats the main purpose you intend to use it for? a 22 may be great for coyotes or small game but its wont be very good for hogs. a 9mm may be good for self defense but it wont take flying birds like a shotgun. you have to suit the tool to the purpose.

  6. Bushido19701 says:

    SoSR, Great video.  Very informative.  I'm glad you said what you did about Martin Knives.  I have one of their actual Rambo knives…It is a beast, and will stand up to anything.  I agree that most hollow handle knives are shitty, but theirs are not.  Again, great video.

  7. Budding Survivalist says:

    I just bought a new BK 2 (with the newer style sheath) as my main knife for bushcraft and other survival tasks. My KaBar will be my backup knife which I carry in my pack in case I lose my BK. So far so good. The only thing I don't care for is the coating. I had to remove some of it from the spine so I can strike a ferro rod with it.

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