10 thoughts on “Knives Basics

  1. Thomas Vickers says:

    Legal Length of EDC Knife.   You might want to advise people to check their local laws about Blade Length.  In Chicago, the Legal Length is only 2 1/2 inches. What is the legal length where you live ?

  2. Jaime Duron says:

    Thanks for wearing that shirt… Chris Kyle/Chad Littlefield….. I went to school with chris. Havent seen anyone paying tribute here on youtube. Good job with your channel. And will forever be watching. Thank you for your service.

  3. Thomas Vickers says:

    Enjoy your show, but in all do respect, If there is a problem with your Kershaw knife, it is NOT the knifes fault. I have a Kershaw I have been using for about twenty years, and it opens, and closes just fine.

  4. Ralph Hanline says:

    EJ, God Forbid I should ever have to get into a knife fight, but if I do, I hope the Guy watched your Video. Practice makes perfect. I think the Knife you couldn't open was probably a spring loaded flip knife you open with your thump. 

  5. William Flores says:

    Look into the 599 karambit knife. It's a folder with the Emerson Wave feature that deploys instantly. Having a regular folder without that feature is like carrying a glock without a round in the chamber. By the time it's ready to use you're 2 seconds too late.

  6. nutnfan1 says:

    Try the SOG Aegis series or Flash series. I prefer the Aegis blade shape, but the deployment is fast, the steel is EXCELLENT, stays sharp, won't rust, has a durable coating (I recommend), locks up very securely, and has a nice price range of 50-60. It can do anything my 100-200 dollar knives can, and in some cases better. That is why my SOGs earn the EDC title compared to my personal fondling collection.

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