21 thoughts on “Knive fighting filipino style!

  1. Prinz Mark says:

    that man on the below named +sewagedweller cant figth without gun hahaha how funny silly bastard are you, come to the Philippines here in manila ill figth you with one arnis stick while youre using a 10 inch knife let see how it works your opinions full of shit

  2. Uriel says:

    To people saying this stuff is shit…I'm just a little confused, this is pretty common and used in the streets of Manila, yeah, the underground if you guessed it. If you live in the slums, you need it to survive. So, I really am wondering why people say its ineffective.

    Also, fighting with knife is like catching a fish in the river with your bare hands. This amazing guy already define the meaning behind every form, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Its effectiveness is already proven as our allied country's forces came here to be taught.

  3. Case Dismissed Guaranteed says:

    Wow! You guys have the constant jet noise just like here in Murika ! It's so strange they never climb out . A constant roar
    I see you also get chem trail sky's there too . How sad .
    BTW Those Filipino Marines are more hardcore than the U.S.Marines ANY DAY . I worked with them so I can say it .

  4. TJ Willmoth says:

    No that knife lesson is a crock of shit. I use the collocual because obviously 1 fat people 100 percent of the time always stab to the right. To stop anything comming from the right I suggest use the right. If a man has 2 knives its nothing too b afraid of just like sharks. If a man has 16 knives like sharks have sixteen teeth even though they look scary they are used for a purpose and if aint got no purpose dont bring it too NZ. personally im not afraid of knives. report as cada comment if you know how to teach yourself the same thing. This might seam like random I am also not afraid of guns. my flat mate tryed to shoot me 15 years a
    go with a 22. What do you think of people who shoot people?

  5. Mel Vin says:

    Your brain is useless… not FMA its been used recently by special ops crawling on encampment of rebels disarmed them arrest them without firing a shot. U stupid coz this is about pinoy martial art u have in your brains a instinctive bias

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