Knifemaking: Futuristic style tactical knife (Infernum build)



12 thoughts on “Knifemaking: Futuristic style tactical knife (Infernum build)

  1. Zac La Rock says:

    Been obsessed with knives since I could walk. Now obsessed with building them and having my own shop. I used to on my lunch break at the factory but I was told not to. Haha. These videos are great. Nothing like tools that work and can be used to create other tools.

  2. budokava says:

    Excuse me for stating the obvious, and I don't mean to labour the point, but it's difficult to not be impressed with your capacity to consistently produce fresh new cool wicked as designs. Awesome effort sir!

  3. Dave Evader Knives says:

    I don't think I've seen you use a jig before, definitely makes sense putting out that many knives… I built one for the fun of it, but i'm so use to freehand grinding, I felt like it slowed me down… I need to cut out like 5-10 knives & really put it to the test… have a great weekend, take it easy…

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