Knife vs Knife Training Freeform



This is part 2 of a one-on-one lesson in which we worked on knife fighting. I won’t go into too much explanation, as this is just to show some of this kind of work, …

10 thoughts on “Knife vs Knife Training Freeform

  1. Montrose Deloofs says:

    Monty I like all your videos and your techniques are great, but I would like to see more "full-force" training.

    This slow form stuff is great, but I think it needs to  be supplemented with full-force sparring.

  2. Monty Chance says:

    If you don't have the control or common sense to train like this, then you shouldn't be doing it. Everyone at their own level.

    In my experience, protection adds false levels of security, psychologically, and people act and think differently. The whole point of training without protection in a controlled situation is to more correctly simulate reality. This isn't sparring, or even how I would advise most people to train, unless they've been exposed to certain ideas and methods.

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