Knife vs Knife – It doesn't end the way you think it does.



Today’s most practical deadly weapon, THE KNIFE. In a real fight, the lethal edge favors the one who wields it. However, with opposing parties possessing a …

10 thoughts on “Knife vs Knife – It doesn't end the way you think it does.

  1. skrumian says:

    I remember way back in college. I was cornered and had no choice but to control the hand with the lead pipe of my opponent and was able to close range and land my elbow to his head, he collapsed and run away. (Imagine.. i did this just out pure luck and instinct of defending myself, i was so nervous and cant think straight that time.) After a few seconds, I just felt blood running in head. I didn't feel the pain until after the incident. I still have the scar in my head. moral of story is you both can get hurt. Thank god that guy's intention is just to hurt and not really kill me.

  2. Inspiring Martial Arts says:

    Another thing that was taught me to go for the eyes. Having had a recurring eye injury, if you can't open one eye, you can't open the other. A blind opponent can't give chase.

    Also, wounding the brow or forehead will send blood dripping into the eyes, causing blindness.

  3. Inspiring Martial Arts says:

    I'd survive a knife attacker by targeting his hands or forearms: a stick, a steel pipe, and of course a blade would do the trick. A person's pain tolerance or strength won't matter: without fingers, with torn muscles and ligaments they simply cannot hold their weapons or grasp you. They become close to a non-threat after.

  4. Inspiring Martial Arts says:

    In support of what's said here, a drugged-up attacker, usually high on meth here in the Philippines, will charge straight into you with no sense of self-preservation or pain, and will fight through several killing blows. Drugs like cannabis, heroin, and cocaine (especially) have a similar effect and with drug use rates at an all-time high and with several new drugs being released on the street, expect that whoever has the gall to attack you is probably 100% stab-proof.

    It is important to learn how to shove, trip, sweep, and throw an attacker to survive. These are a lot easier to pull of than a KO and after one of these you can run.

    Good video po, Chief!

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