Knife vs Karambit



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31 thoughts on “Knife vs Karambit

  1. Chuck Solutions says:

    This is the mistake that ALL knife instructions make, knife attackers typically lead with the empty hand removing your blocks ahead of time and then stabbing/cutting.

    I work in an ER and as a paramedic in a major US city.

    AND I've read the data (but of course cannot recall the source, I'm sure google can help).

  2. Mohammad Zakir Husaain says:

    Kali linux is the first distribution that simplify cybersecurity that's why is call "Kali Linux". Same thing for kali fighting. It's simply all possible weapons.

    In my militery life experience we met lots of kali moves.

  3. R K says:

    I see the knife is being held in a stabbing grip, where the knife is pointing away from the pinky finger. This is not how most people would hold a knife in a knife fight. In a knife fight most people would hold the knife in a jabbing grip where the knife would be pointing away from the thumb and index finger towards the attacker.

  4. leonardo says:

    knife is better. karambit requires more motion than straight knife. in actual combat karambit will cut you. a knife will pierce you. and thats not how you hold a knife. you use its range. you pierce and stab, you dont dance.

  5. Dhani Er says:

    It easy to kill bro…the animal can too..what i see u teach tecnic to kill not to deffens..i wanna fight you and let you still alive but cant make any stupid video…how can you making video without your eyes..???

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