Knife vs Improvised Weapon

A knife in the street can easily take your life. An improvised weapon is an excellent way to defend yourself against an attacker with a knife. There is always …

25 thoughts on “Knife vs Improvised Weapon

  1. Ryan Garrick says:

    IF someone produces a knife on you without having control over you, run. Do you seriously think he is going to stand and watch you pick up a weapon? Do you not think that in bending down or reaching to pick something (allowing the attacker out of your line of sight) you are allowing quite a high number of risks?

    What if he also realises oh thats an umbrella, I guess I will just charge through it with my blade and stab you.

  2. BrownBessOwner says:

    what is with the leg kicking? He seems to do that a lot. Looks like he might get off balance doing that, especially if someone is coming up to you as you do it. Is this a style taken from another style of fighting?

  3. precisionmarksman says:

    Great instructional video, I used the same mindset when I go jogging, and had to pickup a stick off the ground to fend of 2 dogs. What should a person do against lets say, a stray wild dog, like a pit bull?

  4. Clevername209 says:

    I generally love your vids because they're realistic, but this video gets me wondering. First of all wouldn't a knife cut that umbrella up pretty quickly? Secondly if you're waving that umbrella in the attackers face, can't the attacker simply use the non-knifewielding arm to rip that umbrella out of the way and continue stabbing?

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