Knife vs Handgun – A Reality Check

The ultimate question: what distance should you keep when dealing with an attacker armed with a knife? We tested this with two spec ops veterans, a REX Zero …

39 thoughts on “Knife vs Handgun – A Reality Check

  1. Miyakutsune says:

    That guy with the gun would be so easy to take out with a sword, then again i do have 25 years of ninjutsu, weng chun, wushu as well as tactical and combat exp. Many dont but frommpersonal exp, he would be easy to take out. Besides guns are for people who have no honor.

  2. bulldozer says:

    Я вообще не являюсь профессионалом в обращении с ножом, но курицу и шашлык я разделывал. Когда нападаешь на стрелка, всегда держи левую руку на его правой, чтобы не дать выхватить оружие и произвести выстрел. Я профессиональный стрелок (спортшкола) и я знаю, что с дистанции до 5 метров нож более эффективен, чем короткоствол.

  3. Spider Man says:

    This is not correct assumption that someone who is shot one or twice just stop attacking, there are people who are still fighting after being shot. And there are people who still shoot after being stabbed, this video try to tell us that if we hit someone this is all and over.

  4. GONE LONG says:

    I totally like the UF videos on combat tactics. This one is not totally accurate. The minute the tactician with side arm sees even slight movement from opponent training would and always does mean stepping back 3 steps and to the opposite the side of the opponents weapon hand as the fire arm is drawn. Even with opponent coming on once the sidearm is drawn level close to the body firing is mandated again by repetative training center mass of the opponent. This video is very wrong at all scenarios UF.
    In UF's favor this could be geared towards the very novice untrained combat tactics students who would make the mistakes the fighter with the fire arm is demonstrating.

  5. Gustavo Mello says:

    Idiotic Scenario even if you don't have a gun or any means to defend yourself.
    So, you are pretty sure someone is about to attack you.
    Maybe I should keep my distance, take a step back as i see movement or have my hands closer to my weapon.
    NOOOO….Just gonna stand here, arms crossed and hope for the best.

  6. You Too says:

    CIA said at close range , knife has odds of winning….. 15 ft….. might have acouple new holes…. But hopefully with adrenaline pumping you could have some company in the morgue….

  7. Michael W says:

    This makes no sense. As others here have said, the gun guy just stands there rather than retreating or angling away, and never blocks with his left hand. Both would make a huge difference. Is it believable that the knife guy could run several steps and the gun guy can't retreat at least a couple of steps? No.

  8. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop says:

    the only issue with the added range is if you don't hit a vital and/or the guy is hopped up on drugs and doesn't feel the shot. BUT this is extremely good education to keep in mind when dealing with such attacks. while you shouldn't be paranoid it's a good idea to have a cut resistant vest to buy a few extra precious moments in the unlikely event it does occur!

  9. Chris Prater says:

    My thing is, if a dude pulls out a knife that close. Im not just gonna go for my gun. In gonna protect myself from the initial attack, get moving in a lateral movement while going for my pistol.

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