Knife vs Gun The 21 Foot Rule



Knife vs Gun The 21 Foot Rule Law Enforcement Street Survival For Officers. Why Officers use Deadly physical force when confronted with a knife from 21 feet …

31 thoughts on “Knife vs Gun The 21 Foot Rule

  1. Memespeech says:

    the safer version both for the attacker and the cop would be for the cop to carry a semi-transparent shield, it doesn't agitate/look dangerous to the attacker, but allows a trained cop to defend and use a shocker or just beat the knife out of the attacker's hands with it or a baton+shield, especially when there are 2 cops

  2. 5k subs no video challenge says:

    kEeP In MInD DrAWinG fROM a CoNCeAlEd HoLsTer iS eVeN SloWeR
    bruh, not sure about you but i can draw a glock 19x from a concealed holster without a belt about 7x faster than the average knifeman can even close about 4 feet, from 5 feet away, so this video is bullshit considering it depends on how fast you draw your gun, and that the distance is random. 21 feet is just way too far because the officer in the video was like UUUU WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? like 4 seconds after the dude pulled the knife and by that point the officer would have been already dead. so thats way too far away and that says the video was clearly staged apart from the orange knife you lil smartass

  3. Lebron Traveled says:

    Imagine being so slow you can’t move your body and draw your gun. No cop ever played tackle football? Notice every time it’s “effective” the cop moves. Anytime it’s not he stands there like a big dummy

  4. Jola Ssaem says:

    근데 그거아셈 근거리 왔을쯤 총 갈기니까 총 맞았는대도 공격의지가 남아서 공격하더라고;; 갈길려먄 뒤로 물러나면서 확인사살까지 해줘야할듯

  5. Ajani Tau says:

    Every soldier knows it is essential to have both. It is vital to know your weapons and their limitations. Guns run out of bullets and autos sometimes fail. Not only mist the gunner be ready and hand to hand skilled and well practiced in order to survive.

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