7 thoughts on “Knife vs Gun The 21 Foot Rule Great Demonstration

  1. Sarah Water says:

    The video leaves out the time it takes for the subject to draw a knife and begin an attack. I promise you, there has never been a properly trained officer in the history of everdom who just walks up and starts casually chatting with a stranger who has a knife in his hand. This video is utter bullshit, designed and distributed by a company (or contractor) who makes a living by spreading fear tactics in order to make people hire the firearms training class he (or they) offer. Yes, it is in this company's (or person's) best interest to promote the use of excessive force by police because that inevitably leads to more firearms training classes as provided for fee by this company (or person).
    Centerfire Tactical should be held liable against civil and criminal charges should an officer they trained ever shoot somebody without justification, as they are clearly not conducting responsible business practices by teaching an officer to shoot as a preemptive measure rather than as a response to an immediate threat.

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