Knife to the Throat from Behind against a Wall

Having someone robbing you at knife point is a scary thing. But what if you were robbed at knife point with a knife …

21 thoughts on “Knife to the Throat from Behind against a Wall


    Yes. Honestly, don't should be happy to give him your money,and unless you seriously have trained, don't fight. Honestly fighting will end you up in a hospital with more payments than if yoy just gave him the money.

  2. NothingMaster says:

    Once again, excellent advice. And here is why I think this is a great common-sense-based advice: If an attacker with a knife was hellbent on robbing you at any cost, and had placed you in that vulnerable position against the wall, then all he had to do was to slash your throat and rob you while you were disabled and bleeding to death. So if he is hesitating to kill you it's because he is open to negotiations, period. Why? Not merely because slashing someone's threat is a messy business, but most likely because he knows by simply robbing you chances are the police won't bother as much to go after him. Whereas a homicide is a whole different can of worms and would definitely bring some serious heat on him. So give up your wallet/money and run away as fast as you can, the first chance you get. The real danger in a scenario like this is when the attacker intends to rape a female victim, in which case probably the best and only course of action is for the victim to keep her wits about her, talk to the assailant and try to create an opportunity to run away.

  3. Evening Buzz says:

    Amen. Good discussion. A good choreographed knife fight only happens in Hollyweird.
    Unless you are a skilled street fighter then your odds of coming out on top is 50/50 assuming the attacker is no more skilled. That is why I love your channel. Food for thought.

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