Knife to the Throat Defense

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12 thoughts on “Knife to the Throat Defense

  1. TagRation says:

    A lot of the martial arts stuff on knife defense is whack, but there is one thing I like. The way you trapped his wrist to his side, you can then press down and twist on his wrist to cause pain. I think it's actually pretty effective and if you do it violently enough he may drop the knife.

  2. Tammy C. says:

    "the fancy moves" only work if the attacker knows how to fight fancy. so thats why it works when in training. if he is just a guy with a knife he will just go crazy and do what his instinct is. you cant beat brutal with fancy.

  3. black edge says:

    hey nick can i ask what is your background? i know you were a bouncer but what training or martial art do you have? or is it just from your past work experience? i mean your videos are the most realistic i've seen, much much better than all those bullshit mcdojo krav maga or "deadly" martial arts or self defence organization that only scamming people into joining their program by marketing "deadly" technique that will get you killed in real life and also a false sense of confidence. i'm a krav maga practitioner myself but its very rare nowadays to see a legit krav maga/self defence organization like you. keep up the good work brother

  4. Silke F says:

    Could you do a video about how to deal with criminals that go into houses of other people and how to deal with it using fighting skills? Because I had such a experience and other people maybe also will get into such situations. Not sure whats the correct word in english because I´m from germany, but I had a "Housebreaker" (hope this word is correct) in my house. He just came trough the open window while I was sleeping on the couch. This happened last summer. It was so hot that I could not sleep good. So I woke up. So he was walking around in my living room already and I heard in my half sleep state someone walking around in my living room. I therefore opened my eyes and saw blurry some guy dressed in black walking around in my living room careful and silent. But my ears are very good because I´m a audio engineer so I hear a lot better. My ears miss nothing. So I had opened eyes but I still saw everything a bit blurry. This guy was walking around trough my living room and I had out of nothing the great plan to play first that I´m still sleeping and wait for the best moment to attack this criminal guy. So I went up very fast and this guy turned around at the same time. We both looked each other into the eye. It was my house. And he was in it. Without asking me. That was what I told him with a loud and very angry voice. And it was not a played angry mood. Not sure what happend but suddenly I exploded angry and told him this and he excused himself that he lost his orientation (!!!) after he smoked some dope and had some vodka with his russian friends. I opened for him the second window, waited a moment to look him even more angry into the eye and after I did this I told him to jump right now out of the window or I will help him to jump out of the window, no matter if he likes it or if he has a problem with my decision. He excused himself even more and got somehow suddenly very afraid and went with one leg out of my window and asked me if I really want that he falls out of my window and ends up on the street floor. So I closed with full power my window with his arm still between my inner living room and the outside beyond the window. He got into a panic and jumped after I gave him this pain into the corner so I went directly in front of him on my balcony and had my little garden metal chair in my hands ready to punch it into his afraid face but he jumped out of my window before I could kill him (i felt like some jaguar hunting a puma) and he somehow made it to survive and get away. After this I put my shoes on to run outside after him to kick him into a corner and end his fatal mistake so he can tell all his russian friends that a german young guy just kicked his ass and almost killed him but he was running into a police car that was driving on the other street side and just coming around a corner. So I gave the police the order to hold this guy but he was running away and the next day I went to the police office to give the police the order to find this guy and I signed a contract for this but the police could not find this poor soul. 

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