Knife to the Throat Defense from the Back

▻ If a crazy attacker places a knife to your throat from the back …

18 thoughts on “Knife to the Throat Defense from the Back

  1. preparetodefend says:

    great video it's good to learn if you are caught by surprise like that which is very possible and of course the real trick is don't let them get that close to you from behind in the first place try to turn and face them early if you can and of course that comes from your say it with me AWARENESS… this is an awesome self defense channel

  2. Shadow Heart says:

    a grreat Insight its true what he says and its great advice… if he wanted to kill you stabb you cutt you he would have .. the fact that he hasnt means he is after someting else and might be upto negotiation .. also i want to advice this .. i just thought of it… those who watch these videos we should get someone and practice these i have been ignorant to think i should just watch and expect to be bale to do it…soemtimes we think these moves are easy because they are ffective and instructored to us but its not so we need ot practice them … i think that is when we realize how well these can work.

  3. Love L says:

    FIGHTING WITH A KNIFE YOU WILL GET CUT – DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT! In a knife fight my three rules are: RUN, FLY, or EQUALIZE, two of those rules are to beat your feet. The best situation is not to get into that situation with a knife to your throat. A Knife to the throat from the back is the worse place to have a knife from your attacker. Just give him the money! (Keys in the front pocket wallet is in the back)! If it was me — and even LUCKY enough to get in that position from The Knife to the Throat from the Back Attacker; go for a shoulder throw as soon as I secure the arm then stab him and run. (This guy has every intention to kill you or do you bodily harm, to anyone pulling a knife on you). If I am in a knife fight and I survive that situation I promise something will break!

  4. Emir EC says:

    I'd probually go for a shoulder throw as soon as I secure the arm. seems easier and he is just giving it to me plus with him on his back and my grip still fairly around his wrist it should be much easier to disarm him and he would be in a disadvantageous position where I could easily stab him or run away

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