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One thought on “Knife Thrust Defense | Tai Chi Tips

  1. Tom Menditto says:

    That has to be the most realistic discussion on knife defense or lack there of…that I have ever heard! I have thought this for many years, and tried to look at all the angles..of how things could go down, and in some strange way it is comforting to hear that there really is no best way…and you will get cut, stabbed, and best you can hope for is to not die. Lol…sounds pessimistic but that is the damn reality of the situation. Even in trying to deal with the one arm knife attack they could have a knife in the other hand. This situation just sucks!….running seems like a good option or just never being a situation like this in the first place. i see so many on youtube trying to offer different techniques, but it is not realistic as no one wants to talk about the fact that when someone stabs they are going to go ape shit crazy on you and do crazy angles. The only guys I have seen come close to a knife defense are the sikh warriors, but they were practicality raised with knife fighting at youth. Sifu Glenn Thank you for your honestly, rawness, and realism here. It can probably save a life for people to know their limits and not try something stupid that could get them killed. Much love!

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