Knife Thrust and Slash Drill – Kali Escrima Arnis



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40 thoughts on “Knife Thrust and Slash Drill – Kali Escrima Arnis

  1. mmabri says:

    Watching your videos from Angeles City, Philippines. for almost 3 years now. Fairly comfortable with both single and double stick drills. Currently working on your espada y daga drills.

  2. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    I believe every martial art, every TRUE martial art, from every culture, has its own unique skills and advantages. There is no such thing as a perfect art, no such thing as an unbeatable art. To that end, every skill you learn, from every art, makes one into a stronger and more honed warrior. Paul, thank you for your channel and every lesson you've been teaching. I can't wait to learn more.

  3. Riccardo Zorn says:

    I practice knife fighting since years, unfortantly I also was involved in two knife stabbings… put your left hand up to protect your neck…also I think your movements are a little bit to big and wide just an advise….I do your stick fighting drills since a few weeks and they are very nice. Cheers

  4. MrAtoZ says:

    Really enjoyed this combo and the knife work, thanks for sharing!

    Been enjoying you videos out in California and it’s helping me keep busy and learn new techniques while isolated!

  5. Frank Chmiel says:

    As an educator by trade, you have great teaching methods. The slow starting pace, different perspectives and then turning to be in front if us to do reps together are all great methods. Training in Princeton, NJ Thank you so much

  6. Funkengr00ven says:

    Great drill. I'll be adding this one to my repertoire.

    I'm in Gladstone, QLD Australia. A friend introduced me to escrima a few weeks ago and I was hooked. We train together most mornings, and also do a bit of knife every so often. I found this channel after searching for stick drills.

  7. TheSingingBUn says:

    Hi, this one's a stupid question but this one's for an idea scene for a story:
    Is it possible to use shoes as a replacement to a knife/sticks when there's no other weapon? Because the scenario goes that this girl's cornered by thugs, but she's an agent who was adequately trained. She doesn't have a knife on her or pole arm or sticks, so she uses her shoes. Of course, she doesn't get out unscathed, but just enough to get away from those thugs.
    So, yeah, shoes. Is it a practical temporary weapon?

  8. Francisco Gomez says:

    Los Angeles, California is hitting it hard. One of these days I will send you a pic of my training that I've made from stuff in my garage . Training knives from some steel, double sticks from toll handles, 2 or 3 staffs from broom handles or heavy closet rods and a spear head just for the weight as I practice.
    My family all think I'm crazy and of course Paul started my crazy!! Thank you!

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