Knife Throwing with REAL LIFE Wolverine?



Knife Throwing with REAL LIFE Wolverine? In this video you are going to see some Legit Knife Throwing by me ( 5 Times World Champion in Instinctive Knife

21 thoughts on “Knife Throwing with REAL LIFE Wolverine?

  1. Adam Celadin says:

    Hello My Friends,
    Let me know what tutorial you want to see in future and like always SMASH that LIKE button,Share this video with your friends and Turn notifications on so you will not miss any future videos! Thank you all for support aaand see you next time !!! 🙂

  2. Kamil YAKA says:

    Hi Adam my friend I really enjoy watching your videos you're great inspiration I want to start throwing with screwdriver what do u think I don't have flat target only dead trees

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