Knife Throwing, Trick Shots!

This is Bill Berry Doing extreme knife throwing, trick shots, and juggling with Hibben Pro Thrower Two Knives and Axes. Filmed and redneck commentary by Jonathan Root. This video inspired…

34 thoughts on “Knife Throwing, Trick Shots!

  1. Ben noneofyourbeeswax says:

    it takes skill to use Hibben throwing knives, I use the one with the small adjustable weight in between. How do you get that spin on it? I just straight launch it, can't get that spin and if I do it bounces off target. Takes practice i guess.

  2. blackstarJaco says:

    heya im a thrower myself and was wondering where you got those throwing axes from because i have only done knives cards and stars so far and want to play about with what i can do 😛

  3. WhiteFlare says:

    I think he was getting tired and slowing down so the guy called him a "quitter". Multiple listens that's what I get but also not an accent I understand very well.

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