Knife Throwing Tribute to Bruce Lee

I do not own the song it belongs to Melodysheep the song is called be Water my Friend and is available for purchase.

39 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Tribute to Bruce Lee

  1. tobe smith says:

    very cool video. Bruce was the man. cool shit like this will keep his name alive forever.saw several comments on the foot throw,which was very cool but come on the one inch punch at the end.mad respect to youre skills.stick em long and hard

  2. Baily Sawyer says:

    I saw your older video about sharpening your blades and I was wondering if that's still available? I looked for your email but couldn't find it and my EDC could use a touch up

  3. Leonardo Pohlmann says:

    hi man, i started to watch your videos yesterday and i wanna try to throw knives too. I am from Brazil and there aren't many options of throwing knives here, i checked the prices at coldsteel , but it's too expensive to deliver for here, i wanted to know if you have some tip to give me to get a good knife from some american store. Sorry if i wrote something wrong 🙂

  4. Kjartan The Viking 2 says:

    Fifty bucks says this video goes gets a million views lol.

    Also I recently did a series of sword throwing videos, and I was wondering if you get the same swords I used and do your own test? I'd love to see what you would try!

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