Knife Throwing Threat Awareness For Law Enforcment

This demo is intended to raise awareness for law enforcement against thrown edged weaponry.

40 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Threat Awareness For Law Enforcment

  1. Jesse Allen says:

    Im sure law enforcement are on youtube studying this video lol bet criminals are learning from you , melee attack ? yeah try running toward law enforcement, your melee attack look funny to watch

  2. Hylde Brymm says:

    how did you raise awareness?? all you did was make the world of knife throwing and people who throw knives look like a threat now. Now enforcement can look at your videos and just conclude people who throw knives are dangerous, not only that if this video gets famous all you did was give ideas to criminals as well.

  3. Skidd Mystic says:

    Nice job and people saying your slow or throw like a girl are stupid I think you where not doing it as fast as you could if you where making a video on speed you would not pull it out of a sleeve I know you have more skill then most of the people on YouTube I would like to see a fast draw video also what folding knife is that I would get one or know the brand thanks and keep up the good work

  4. QuillPen77 says:

    Love the skill, but hate the video……….this is why cops shoot people with keys, and their hands, and shit………..they're paranoid that everybody is a knife throwing ninja….lol

  5. J. Greg Pike says:

    Thanks for the great videos! And while we've never encountered blade "throwers", this is very helpful and informative!

    I'm glad you included screwdrivers in your line-up. Years ago, one of our female partners was nearly killed by an E.D. with screwdrivers. He stabbed her repeatedly in the face and upper torso — penatrating the orbit of an eye. It was just the grace of God she was not blinded and that her brain and other vital organs were not hit! Most definitely a weapon NOT to be underestimated as a lethal threat!

  6. J Ducharme says:

    with our govt the way it is and the rise in police agencies and the loss of freedoms and DHS / police  using "no hesitation targets" featuring kids / women / elderly.  (waves hello to the nsa) ….. Im certain law enforcement has all they need and is doing just fine.

  7. theULTIMATEanswer42 says:

    Save for the underhand throws and the throws from the sleeve it seems the presentation and preparation time is too long to actually be effective. Just an observation as an average person, not challenging the statement that they are dangerous (they obviously are )

  8. Bryce Scroggins says:

    I've been throwing for years man. That razor blade thing pure genius. I do a similar throw while outing my hands down to release my weapon and throwing from a low level maybe I'll make a channel we can swap ideas. Nice job man.

  9. Vinny V says:

    Great demonstration, those concealing techniques are amazing. I might utilize them if some asshole/s tries to hurt me. There are so many dickheads in this world, throwing a knife at them would feel good, of course I won't kill them, just get em on the arm or legs. Thanks again.

  10. Charles Reed says:

    R.c. as always awesome job on the video. I just want to say 2 things on this. One, you've just let LEOs know just what a real danger this can be, even in the hands of an amature the threat is real. And for that great job. Secondly, to those talks about the danger to our sport, its already been said, but this started as weaponry much the same as gun sports. We have taken a deadly act of war and survival and turned it into a game, something enjoyable by all.

  11. Hypurman1 says:

    Something you and I have discussed before – while you highlight your accuracy to stick the target, many people can't "see" what type of damage the blade would actually do to a human being and soft flesh. But I know buying meat is expensive.
    A second idea to highlight the accuracy is to just draw a human outline on the target.

  12. Rob Bentley says:

    RC great video man.  There's definitely not enough of this info out there.  SHIZ or whatever….. we don't need people advocating or justifying knife attacks or crap talking the boys in blue.  I have quite a few LEO buddies and they're nothing like you described.  Go troll somewhere else.

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