Knife Throwing@ the Beach



I am using small S&W throwers.

10 thoughts on “Knife Throwing@ the Beach

  1. Vinny V says:

    I know knife throwing is a sport, but where I live, I might get arrested for doing this.

    Is this actually legal to do in the US?

    Btw, nice sunset.

  2. Devin Debow says:

    Wow!  R.C., always impressive!  When you started walking toward the water at the end, I thought the demonstration was over, but Nooooooo, you pulled off that monster distance!  Very nice dude!

  3. Hypurman1 says:

    From the thumbnail, at first I thought I was looking at EpicBladeTime. The moment I saw the first throw I knew I was wrong. "I know that throw. Only one man throws like that."
    Dude, you are so freaking impressive. I don't have nice beaches, or a lot of land, but come to Virginia anyway. I uh… I got a cute girlfriend and a lot of Republicans.

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