Knife Throwing Techniques Part 2 – Epic Blade Time

Knife Throwing Techniques with Epic Blade Time: “SPIN”, “NO SPIN”, “SLOW SPIN”. Read Further for tips and facts about these knife throwing techniques.

37 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Techniques Part 2 – Epic Blade Time

  1. Ricky G says:

    Question, will that no-spin technique work with all knives, or more less larger knives only? I've tried a different technique for the no-spin with no luck yet, and the way you throw it, seems to be easier of the two techniques, in my opinion. Also if you wouldn't mind checki my vid out, i'm just looking for an answer to something I stumbled upon while throwing.

  2. TheGreenMarksman says:

    i like so spin cuz i dont have to worry if im standing in the right distance.of couse its allways fun to see how far you can throw.i would actually have to say that sidearm is my's quick and powerful (by turning into your throw), but distance is limited to prob 20ft or so. my love for knives is what got me into throwing, but i like throwing spikes better cuz they are cheaper(mine are all homemade) more durable and fly better.but i like most about no-spin is its Versatility.

  3. Moro says:

    Great video. What no spin technique is that? Looks like what you would typically use for bo-shuriken (Hole punchers). It does obviously work well though.

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