Knife Throwing Techniques And Demonstrations

My friend Tim demonstrated some of his knife throwing skills for TR Tech Tactical. Tim has been throwing knives for a few years now and was kind enough to …

19 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Techniques And Demonstrations

  1. Roy Moore says:

    You should make some more new videos bro. you give out alot of good usable knowledge. Can you do some videos on survival cooking? mabey show what you bring to cook with and how you use your survival cooking gear? thanks brother!! hope ya start making videos again soon!

  2. musicmaker680 says:

    you got some very good videos on your channel, but then this!!!
    this guy has absolute no skill and also no good knowledge about instinctive knife throwing. only super small distance with bad knives and bad technic. and the best is how cool he feels himself. Lol
    watch these guys f.e. they are real experts.
    samoth chipmah
    thecombat knifethrower
    and so on
    im going to post this video in the instinctive knife thrower group on facebook. its the biggest knife throwing group of all and its only for instinctive knife throwing.
    so i think your friend will be good for a laugh there :). mostly cause of his (and your) misinterpretation of his "skills" ;).
    btw if you are interested in that "art" then you could join this group. there is everything about knives and technic. tons of videos, discussions, knife makers who make the best no spin knives in the world, tutorials about technic, random challenges, all in all a great place for knife addicts :).

  3. MollyDolly says:

    When you talk to Tim please ask if he has ever tried to throw the new ceramic cooking or steak knives.   They are extremely sharp … so penetration would be deep, but so light, I am wondering if they would throw well.

  4. Randy Schartiger says:

    Hey Troy if you get time please say what software you edit and render your videos? That slow motion feature really is nice, I've tried a couple different programs but they were jerky when slowed this much. Thanks for another great video! Cheers!

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