37 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Reply to LindyBeige or Lloyd

  1. Draticus Maximus says:

    I just watched all the related videos mentioned among Y'all.

    This is a case of Him Speaking Chinese and Y'all speaking Japanese, because the topic is Asian Language.

    I can't don't see the practical use in combat of a knife thrown, for much.

    The Surprise attack is a definite possibility.

    A deterrent would be a more likely prospect.
    If You were in a Medieval bar and somebody was getting loud. You chuck some steel next to His Beer to show some skill and give Him an idea of what to expect.

    The Bowee Knife idea of smashing would also be a good thing. Lloyd mentions just use a rock. Both sound good. Except, if He has Armor- it is hard to get a Chink hit that'll disable quickly.

    If anything, He will dodge. And that is probably the Practical approach Here. Force a Dodge and Exploit it.

  2. kieran544 says:

    one of the best use i could think of for a dagger is a consealed weapon obviously and if you got disarmed you could quickly draw the dagger throw it or lunge in for suprise strike

  3. kieran544 says:

    thing is in medieval or roman europe the throwing would be pointless as the armor would stop a dagger from penetrating because of the lack of mass to make it more effective it would be have to be heavier but problem there is the range and seen as most organised or trained foes who used a shield would just laugh at someone with a dagger and throw a javelin or pilum

  4. Ben Masta says:

    the main problem is the anticipation of moving if you ask me.

    if you are targetting something moving rather than something stationary, it changes the type of throw and pressure applied to the knife when you release.

  5. Ben Masta says:

    i can do both no spin and rotations. If i can learn it with no pressure to keep myself safe and as a random hobby, then people who trained would be insanely deadly.

    I can throw anything, not just knives. I could throw a 3 foot long pole with the same type of throw and have it fly in the air in the same way as the knife would. The only difference is the grip, the application/throw is exactly the same.

    once you understand how things fly, you can start to do stupid and weird grips and they all work.

  6. Aristotle Stagirus says:

    Cool. You guys talk about more throwing techniques than I ever used, but then my throwing was all self taught. One thing I did though was my throwing speed was the same as throwing a fast hard thrown baseball. What you are doing in the video seems like a soft lobbing throw. What I found for myself in throwing was that I could get the same spin every time while throwing with my full all out strength. Then, I could control the spins to target by where I would release the blade, stepping in, shifting the angle of my body, but so long as I could judge the distance I could hit point first for every half spin increments to the target. If I could hit the target with a baseball, I could then hit it with the knife.

  7. ArodWingfoot says:

    From what I can tell, a throwing knife range would be very short, I would leave it to these guys to figure out exactly how far, but I do expect to see them throwing knives farther than 20, at a stretch 30 feet, vs a javelin, which we are talking 50, 60, possibly 100, to a bow which can get 200 feet regularly. So considering that I don't think we would have many instances of over/under rotation of the knife because there just isn't enough room to it. Now if we go by movies where people throw knives they are spinning like a top and always, without exception, sticking in the target, well, I call BS on that. Though, it's movies… So take that with that bit of salt.

  8. Destruccion+IVA says:

    So you can use throwing knifes that need quite a bit training to throw even for a 3m distance far objective, and are completeley useless if the oponent has any kind of armor or shield or use a javelin, which has way more range, can easeley pierce that thin piece of wood you're using, stick to your shields, is pretty intuitive to use without any training, and a long etc of other advantages im too lazy to think and write at this moment.

    Yeah I can understand you throw knifes for fun and hobby, but im pretty sure I could 1v1 you in a throwing contest. You throwing knifes and me just simple rocks to your head. I'm pretty sure I can put more acurraccy and power to the rocks than you to the knifes. Cause you're more focused in making 90º flips so the point sticks to me.

  9. DynamicWorlds says:

    I agree with what you're saying and I don't think it would significantly affect the results of the experiment but I saw it and have to say this:
    You are compensating. (sadly the video would need to be of exceptional quality, probably slow-mo and preferably have a normal throw reference for me to say more than "I can see that you're doing it" but it is happening)
    It's subconscious and automatic at this your level of skill, so I don't think you're being dishonest or even could avoid compensating without some complicated setup to make it impossible.
    Again though, your arguments are solid, & it wouldn't change anything.

    Just be aware that you are compensating (both by knowing which direction it's going to move in and by estimating speeds as soon as you see them, even if mid throw) if it's relevant in a different experiment. (really impressive how automatic that skill is for you btw!)

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