Knife Throwing: Michael Echanis Style

The info on this style of throwing comes from Michael Echanis’ book Knife Fighting and Knife Throwing Combat. Yes. This throwing style was designed and …

20 thoughts on “Knife Throwing: Michael Echanis Style

  1. grayghost1031 says:

    It's good to see someone demo Michael Echanis knife throwing style. Good video.
    Would love to Michaels old video footage prior to his death.  I know it's out there but difficult to find.  Again good job!! 

  2. StreetArtillery says:

    If Echanis had fought Royce Gracie Prime vs Prime in a street fight hand to hand no weapons but no rules(kicking in the nuts, biting, pulling hair, headbutts, eye poking, etc..)

    Who would have won?

    Oh yeah.. no chains, no knives. Butt naked in the middle of nowhere where there is no sand, dirt, rocks to use as aid.

    Picture this: Gracie vs Echanis in a Mano a Mano no rules fight in Bonneville´s salt flats in a section where the floor is solid, bald headed with both wearing a mouthpiece. Who?

  3. Juan Perez says:

    Thanks for your feedback to my feedback. 🙂 I actually really enjoy videos such as these on Youtube. Once again, I thank you for posting it, and for everyone else chiming in.

  4. Ferny Ceballos says:

    Michael Echanis was a student of the founder of Hwa Rang Do, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. In his books, he gives full credit to his teacher on the content of his books and to the martial art system he learned. He did not develop or create Hwa Rang Do in anyway, but made public some of the military applications of the art. Aside from that, excellent video! Search on You Tube for "Hwa Rang Do: The Untold Story of the Formation of the Modern Korean Martial Arts – Part 3" for a short telling of his story.

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Yes I have read the article its pretty good, you can also google Skeeter Vaughan and his sentry kill throw with a bayonet. I have not done any recent research on the subject but have heard stories here and there some from knife manufactures that recieved compliments and stories from soldiers of events that happened . Teh stuff isnt hard to find its out there

  6. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Yes he definitely designed this around/for combat he talks in his book about hitting sentries and dogs and the like. Thats why he adds the whipping motion to his throwing action.. As far as realism goes knives are still used in combat rare but it does happen. Basically within 21 ft a knife is a serious threat. Mostly from mad prison style rushes but throwing isnt out of the question especially with a no-spin throw. I do a ton of no spin stuff on my channel if youre interested thanks.

  7. Juan Perez says:

    This is the first time that I ever heard that Mr. Echanis was one of the founders of Hwa Rang Do. Source for this? By the way, great video. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching it.

  8. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    If you are looking to throw the knife so that it rotates simply wrap your hands loosely around the handle if you want to follow through place your index finger with the rest of the fingers. If you want to lock out your throwing motion like Echanis Style extend the index finger. If you are throwing no spin cup the handle and extend your index finger along the handle and keep the rest of your fingerson the one side of the handel. Either way grip the knife loosely and let it slide out naturaly

  9. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @asiantalim I agree. I was reading a book called The Art of Throwing weapons by Amante Marinas. Anyhow this guy uses knife throwing for knife fighting. You know how in Kali/Escrima there is 1,2,3,4, system of attacks? 1 being an overhand slash to the throat; 2 being a backhand slash to the throat etc. Anyhow he compares these 4 angles of slashes to 4 identical angles for knife throws. This helps the knife fighter/knife thrower learn to better orientate the edge perpendicular to the target.

  10. asiantalim says:

    The swiping arm motions reminds me a lot of Libre Knife Fighting, but in Libre Knife Fighting not only do they use those as distractions but it also has practical applications in in hand to hand combat in case you wind up in close quarters with an opponent.

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