Knife Throwing Long Distance Competition 2012 – Epic Blade Time

Knife Throwing Long Distance Competition 2012 IKTHOF “lancer du couteau” Location: Blanco Texas Distance: 67 feet or 20 Meters Subscribe!!! Facebook Group

24 thoughts on “Knife Throwing Long Distance Competition 2012 – Epic Blade Time

  1. Neil Kehler says:

    A lot of preaty rude comments here. Why? The art of knife and tomahawk throwing has many different heritage backgrounds going back many years. The fact that some people choose to say rednecks just shows their own prejudice . pretty sad. Maybe people should do their research before posting such ignorant based comments. I would love to see anyone who has commented so disrespectfully for no reason to pull off shots like that. Can u? I highly doubt it. And if u do manage to stick one out of a million then bravo. Now do it on cue when it counts. Would love to see it. And then would love to see any of the rude individuals in competition and watch how good u really are. Maybe before posting such ridiculous comments think of how boring and pathetic your life must be if u have nothing better to do then to watch a video and spew your opinion. Pretty serious stuff there. Get off the couch and do something. And give your heads a shake while u are at it. As for the thrower on this video. That was some damn fine long distance. I believe that last one was bullseye. Fantastic!!! Keep it flying!!!

  2. Guy Fawkes says:

    1 foot is 12 inches, 1 inch is 2,54 cm so times 12 makes 25,4 + 5,08 = 30,48 cm = 1 foot.
    30,48 times 10 is 304,8 cm = 3,048 m
    10 feet is 3,048 m
    60 feet is 3,048 times 6, so 0,048 + 0,240 + 18 makes 18,288 m = 60 feet.
    8 feet would be 10 minus 2, so 304,8 cm – 60,96 cm = 244,8 – 0,96 = 243,84 cm
    18,288 m + 2,4384 m = 20 m + (0,2880 + 0,4384 =) 0,7264 m so 20,7264 m

    68 feet = 20,7264 m

    This is why I hate Americans lol

  3. Rick Gould says:

    I threw a Cold Steel True Flight from 54', took me about 10 tries, but not bad considering the knife is 12" and weighs 10.7 ounces. My most consistent long throw was with my True Flight, sticking 4 of 6 throws at 46'. Do you know of any official record with a True Flight?

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