Knife Throwing: Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knives

A real how-to beginner’s beginning guide to knife throwing using small Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knives from United Cutlery. Knife throwing has been …

30 thoughts on “Knife Throwing: Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knives

  1. Careful Planning says:

    Thank you for reviewing these knives. I'm technically still a novice because, despite having knives for more than a year now, the ones I had were made for spinning, and I had been trying to use no spin on them ^_^;. I then, after discovering this, purchased a twelve set of mini knives that were actually very cheaply made and hard to use. I'm finally looking to purchase a good knife. Seeing a beginner pick them up and get hits in makes me happy.

  2. Tabitha Blankenship says:

    My throwing knifes came with cord grips, and over time as i threw them the strings came off, I glued them back on but it really bugs me. So i was wondering would it make a difference if i just removed the strings completely??

  3. Skye Fox says:

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  4. Jaden Hewitt says:

    iv just got to say after reading the description i call bullshit. and this guy is just waffling because JUDO translated into English means 'the gentle way' and does not condone any uses of knifes swords and even punching and kicking.
    Source : Me, 3rd dan Judo Black Belt.

  5. jfourn295 says:

    I know I'm not Joe, but yes, you could. I'm almost positive these were actually designed to be functional for both spinning and thorn style throws, but I know for a fact that they can be used for thorn.

  6. Dallas Whittle says:

    That was great and excelent throwing. I recently got a set of knives and the throwing style i think is helpfull is the Ralph Thorn style that goes strait with no spin and is soposed to work with any knife. Just thought i might share it with you since your a beginner as well.

  7. Ray Dusty says:

    @explodnchickens start with the 12 inch blades. It's easier to judge the blade rotations in flight. Plus the larger blades allow you to engage targets at further distances.

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