Knife Throwing For Beginners – How To Throw A Knife

Knife throwing is a fun! Throwing knives is like playing darts, only much more manly 😉 Seriously, learning how to throw a knife can be a challenge but once you …

46 thoughts on “Knife Throwing For Beginners – How To Throw A Knife

  1. Takseb Therapy says:

    Dont complain that your videos are too long when you just keep adding extra words everywhere and useless details, for example you can cut out the first 3 minutes because you just talk about the materials

  2. Chip Edwards says:

    speed or weight is necessary to penetrate and or disable any adversary – you possess neither- – that may potentially get people hurt -lob a blade at a real threat – it may be used against you

  3. illiterate ink says:

    S&W throwing knives? Can I use my S&W pistols as throwing knives? Maybe attach a bayonet to it for when I run out of mags. Maybe add a hatchet and flint striker while I'm at it. Hey, maybe even a life straw and portable stove

  4. Edsta 101 says:

    Brother, thank you for showing me this video man. I have those same exact knives, and now that I have seen how you throw them. I'll do the same! Again, thank you!

  5. Myself says:

    I think it's not about distance…but our speed…with same distance, if we fail…try to throw faster or slower. In real event let say we throw to a bad guy then almost not possible to arrange or focus our distance with that guy

    Btw, my apology if my english not good enough

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