💥KNIFE THROWING ACCIDENT💥 (Real Story + Trick Shots)



Real Story about my Knife Throwing Accident and Some trick Shots for you Guys! Enjoy and Stay Safe! Dont forget share,like,comment or subscribe if you new to …

42 thoughts on “💥KNIFE THROWING ACCIDENT💥 (Real Story + Trick Shots)

  1. Nikita Lesproux says:

    I ever fail when I throwing knife and got a many accident and one day when I throwing my knife,bounch back on me and stuck on my arms,fortunelly not a seriously problem not deep wound just a little wound
    it was 1 year ago

  2. IT’S SN says:

    Hi Adam I really want to get in to knife throwing but I don’t want to spend loads of money on knifes I only want to spend about $15 do you have any suggestions accept from butter knifes?

  3. Fizalex says:

    Glad your okay, don't listen to the hate some people are giving. It takes balls to willingly put a mistake in a video like this. You're awesome!

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