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Jamie Hyneman is going to go up against a gun with a throwing knife. Sundays @ 9pm Discovery | For more visit …

26 thoughts on “Knife Throwing 101 | Mythbusters

  1. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    Highly unlikely to beat gun fighter by trowing knife. Knife have very low stopping power. Even if you managed to hit the target and even if knife stick and even if knife hit critical area that still not be enough to not be shot by the gunfighter. Even if you hit me with knife in heart that stil is not good enough to not shoot you in the head.
    Knife trowing is for special stealth attacks. not against somebody who have finger on the trigger. If we add to the fact that target will have clothes,maybe trenchcoat,even body armor. Or even if is completely nude still the blade can bounce from the skin if hit at incorect angle. So its very big IF. And magnificent 7 version is just rediclious. Such small foldable pocket knife cant do a shit. Must be very heavy and therefore quite large knife to cause significant damage to the target. Even with knife in heart or even throat the gunfighter have plenty of time to shoot you. Plus even a kid can shoot. But such precise knife throwing skill to hit consistently the target is quite difucult to achieve. So if you enter saloon and gunfigher dont expect the attack. If drink a bear and is busy with something and you manage to throw the knife and hit heart or brain and take cover quickly. Then you have very good chance for success. But to win duel not going to happen. If for example you throw the knife from behind the gunfigher or throw the knife while he is on horse and you have cover/doesnt expect you then very good chance as well.
    Like if you are sideways, or you throw from cover. But to hit the moving target at size of tennis ball by throwing knife is very dificult thing to do. It could work for some scenarios. It definetely will work for stealth and special unexpected attacks but not a chance in duel.

  2. Janine Cat says:

    Weird how all of these weapon experts are always beer-bellied older white guys. Fastest shooter in the world, best range archer, and this knife thrower. I guess it takes a certain kind of person to obsessively master an obsolete skill.

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